Prevent alt rotate only in an Orthographic view

I would like to keep alt rotation like in other 3D software like maya.

But if I click with alt and move in the orthographic view, it changes it to perspective view. Can I somehow disable this behaviour only when the view is orthographic like Front or Right/Left ?

[Edit:] Wished I could show the current blender behaviour image, but new users are limited from posting more than 1 image

I might be misunderstanding but I think you want

Preferences > Navigation > Orbit and Pan > Auto [-] Perspective

Sorry my question was not clear to you.
What you suggested does this, which is not what I would like to do.

Images added to the Original Post to clarify the question.

You would have to look for an add on that could lock a Viewport from rotation.

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I found that add on:


I find now better answer. It is “Quad View” (View > Area > Toggle quad view) Ctrl Alt Q. It works like you are saying.

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