Problem with collision

I have this simple walk cycle of a low poly model. when added with armatures, and set to dynamic it simply goes through the wall. What seems to be the problem? attached my file.[ATTACH]84906[/ATTACH]

anyone please help?

hi SJice,

You’re using Loc (sometimes called dLoc) to make your character move. Loc teleports the character. It doesn’t matter if a wall is between the location or not. It just moves the character to new location. :spin:

Try using either Force or LinV instead. They are harder to setup but both use physics so they don’t go through walls. :yes:



what do you mean by using the force and LinV? should i be adding those in the logic bricks? can you provide me a sample from my sample blend file? thanks

hi SJice,

Force and LinV are located under Loc on the Motion Actuator.

Force: Friction has an effect with starting and stopping. (It has to build up to speed and it slides to a stop. How much depends on the friction.)

LinV: Friction has an effect on stopping but not starting. It immediately starts at speed and stays at a constant speed while moving but still slides to a stop. If you want, you can use a second actuator or python to instantly stop your character.

If you are going to use LinV, instead of using Motion Actuator >> Simple motion, try Motion Actuator >> Servo Control.

Another thing to check is Cray’s Third person template thread in the Game Engine Resources. You can see a working example of how to make your character move.