Procedural Concrete Texture

Hello everyone!
I have been attempting to create a procedural texture that looks like this image:

But no matter how many different node setups I try, the pattern just doesn’t look the same. It looks similar to the musgrave texture, but I cannot reproduce what I see in the image. If anyone is able to create the pattern seen in the image, I would be very grateful for the help. Also I would appreciate an explanation so that I can learn from this and further my skills at creating procedural textures.
Thank you!

not really concrete , that looks like a stucco application to a wall

for small lines like that a difference of two ridged multi fractal noise’s will do it

i do not have the time right this minute , but by tonight i might have a node setup

Plaster, it is called.
Check the Thread: Yet Another Thread about Cycles Materials
More specifically, around Terracotta Material post

Edit: Links fixed, according to new forum.

Thank you all very much, it’s a lot of help! The “Yet Another Thread about Cycles Materials” thread is extremely informative and is a great resource for procedural materials! Also it shows me that I still have a lot to learn haha! Also you’re right, that’s definitely not concrete, my bad :eek:
And thanks RickyBlender for the links! I haven’t seen that material before!

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