Procedural geometry based on 3d textures (for example noise)

Is there a plugin or an internal way in Blender to generate something similar to what can be done with the Proc3durale plug-in for Cinema 4D? See here:

Something like a displacement but working in volume? I know that something like this can be done with volume nodes in Cycles, but that is quite slow and doesn’t give a lot of freedom on the look of the material.

Hello @Myreauks, yes this is a volume controlled by procedual.
But I don’t understand what you mean.

I think the volume preview is great.

Looks like a noise texture over volume scatter density.

Thanks for the reply!
I am aware of this method, but one obstacle with this I could not overcome is applying textures to the surface of the volume. Is that even possible currently? For example, an image texture for a more rock-like appearance?


If you like to map a texture, volume scatter node wont do then. Principled volume could …

If you look carefully on cinema4d video, you see it bases on volumetrics. Unless proven wrong, I think you wont get much more flexibility on materials with cinema4d or blender here. (p.ex volume based metallic materials or glass materials.)

Not sure image texture / UV based texturing gives enough flexibility. You need to map a 2D plane into 3D volume, not just a surface warped around a volume (which is more close to 2d).

Volume objects could be game changer. Im curious whether they enable this kind of texture workflow in future. With true freedom with materials.

Ah, I didn’t know that the principled volume could do that. Thanks for the tip!

Indeed, I’m really looking forward to volume objects. I hope they will expand on this kind of functionality already in version 2.83. It seems like it has a lot of promise on making volume-based materials much more flexible.

Yeah I really like the volume builder and fields in c4d. That and particles are def on the top of my wishlist.