Prof. Monster’s BGE Guide to the Python coding

Hi Blenderheads,

unfortunately I can’t find my original thread with this topic anymore.

Python Coding is an important part of the BGE concept. If you are new to the BGE or you want to verify your existing knowledge, please have a look at the attached pdf.

Guide to Python Coding.pdf (1.1 MB)

I hope you find it useful.



Yeah, some old treasures got lost when Blenderartists migrated to Discourse. Thanks for bringing it up again.

I see its from 2012 - maybe you have some updates or more lessons learned in the meantime which justify an update?

Unfortunately no, real updates on the basic concepts. The most “new” things I discoverred are too on more complex topics.

You helped me a great lot with this file, I owe you.
All praise the monster.

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Hi monster. I need to ask you an important question. Are you still active nowadays?

nope, but theres lots of others here who are just as capable

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