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The purpose of this project is to create a series of detailed animations using Blender. The story behind the animation
project is a number of characters that will be introduced into the storyline and how they will relate to each other as the story progress. I plan to have at least 25 characters and each one will be a tribute to certain anime or video game characters that I have seen in the past 15 years. I know that this will be a daunting task, but I don’t have that much of a choice in the matter due to the fact that either everyone is doing their own thing or I can’t find experienced people to help me out. So currently this is a solo project until I can get some willing volunteers. This project is going to span over 3, if possible, websites ending at Youtube as the place where the series, if completed, will be posted. And just to show that I’m serious about my idea, here’s all of the images of the models that I created so far.

Part two is coming up. This is just the environment, basically the different sets.

Here are some more pictures of my project.

This is just the inside of the house. I’m still working on the lighting of one of the main characters house.

Up next is some of the characters.

There is still work to be done on Raine and I still have a long way to go.

Current Status is at 3 percent.

it all looks really good only thing i would say is the eyes are huge look like bug eyes should make them more real like a normal human eyes

I was going for a anime character stylization. That’s the reason why the eyes are the way they are

Update time! This time I have accomplished on what I wanted to do on getting an anime look with a touch of realism. So here are some pictures on the work I’ve done in the past 24 hours. The hair took me a while, but I found my method!

It’s difficult to be the lone active member of this project. At first, I thought modeling is difficult. Animation is just as worst. It’s very difficult to get a animation demo reel together when you cant get anything the way you want it to work. I could ask for help but everyone is doing their own thing.This is one block in the road I will have to take a detour on. So for the time being until I can master animation or find someone to guidance, I will not be animating any characters.

here’s an update on one of my characters. I created a animation reel but it’s only a demo.

Well, here I am again. I recently went back and recreated one of my characters. Personally, I think it looks a lot better than the previous one.

By this time, I’ll have an armature added. See you soon.

Good luck with the project, you are surely pumping out a lot of work. I would suggest writing a script, and drawing up some storyboards, then you may have something to show to potential teammates.

Way ahead of you on that one. So far the script would be the last thing I have to deal with. Drawing storyboards shouldn’t be much of a challenge. Right now, my first priority is to get the 25 characters made. So far I have a list of names who would be in this project. But keep in mind that it wouldn’t limit to this website. I’m going to need some voice characters in which I got that part covered. I got a realiable source. The music however is the hurdle I have to jump over.

It’s has been some time since my last update and I have decided to go back and recreate one of my main characters. And here it is now!

I think he looks a lot better than the previous one, don’t you?

Alright, so here’s another update for my project. I decided to go on ahead and reveal what my first tribute is going to be about. It’s going to be based on the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, a personal favorite of mine and the reason why I love the Super Sentai series. However, it’s going to be completely different because I’m going to combine some of the story elements of Sailor Moon as well. The first part of the series is going to be the assembly of the team just likes how the Sailor Scouts go together. In fact, here is what one of the outfits will look like.

As you can see this is the idea of the morphed version of one of my male characters for the series. I will be creating a female version of the outfit, but it will take some time for me to make it since I have to recreate the chest place first. Well, now you know more about my project. I’m currently creating the city for the project and already working on the school.

I have returned to post more of my work. Once again, I’m still working solo on this project. Would be nice to have some assistance once in a while…

I still got some more images in the next post.

That’s all I have for now.

Alright, it’s been nearly a year since the last update. But I haven’t strayed from my task but it’s still slow going. I’ve been busy recreating, studying, and observing different types of media to help realize my vision. Modeling some of the characters was the easy part. Creating environments? Quite a challenge indeed. Animating the characters? Well, that’s where my weakness lies. Anyway, here’s a series of pictures that has been uploaded to show what I’ve been working on the past 11 months!

This is my third character, Urika. She’s kinda have a quriky kind of behavior, but she has an optimistic behavior. I haven’t gotten a hair color for her yet. I’m going for a dark blonde color. Still got more to post. So stay tuned!


I already have some clothes on her.

Yeah, it’s looks pretty basic but I have to take that into consideration if I’m going to animate in the future.

I have officially created my title sequence for my project.

If anyone would like to offer their assistance to the project, contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.