Project film 3D "Lydia's quest "

The main Character Amazone Lydia

Beginning of the film “Lydia’s Quest”

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sorry for the quality of the picture, but I have some understanding

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Hi, this is not a bad effort but i think you could benefit from watching some horse walk cycle clips.

Thanks, for the youtube link. It is very difficult to succeed in animating an animal, especially the horse.

Yes four legged animation is the hardest to achieve realistically but not impossible.
This clip is a lot better just need slight adjustments to the way the joints bend and the timing. :+1:

Thank you for your constructive comments. I appreciate. I am moving forward in my project I added the narration, but I have to change the voice, it must be feminine.

" Man grows by rising "’

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Another shot of “the quest for lydia”

Another scene
I try a syntetic voice while waiting for the money for the dubbing

The world is cruel, but there is no alternative what does not evolve regresses and disappears.
The hard law of evolutionary mathematics .
1 + 1 = 4

Lydia in the foreground

my model speaks: lip animation

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