Project Kunoichi (no name yet) [!nudity!]

Hello guys :smiley:

After a long time, Ayane is finally back, yay! XD

Nothing new, except maybe that I learned some new stuffs on the ‘mesh deform’ method :yes:

I’m working on her clothes, then yeah, they may change.


Wow, really cool model kagi, she’s really pretty.

don’t change. That suit looks good on her :stuck_out_tongue: Is the skin (entirely) procedural?

The skin is not really procedural, only a little noise is used. I painted the texture.

The clothes aren’t finish, I will add some other things :yes:

Wow… that’s a hot babe !

Nice work

i love this baby …

Awesome shes back, can’t wait to see more :slight_smile:

Very Nice! Looks like there are some issues with her hair right in the middle, wonder what is causing those and if they can be fixed?
Also her breastbone, clavicle maybe? I’m not sure what its called, it looks too sharply creased to me. I love the style you have here.


-’’*’’-, nothing new? -’’*’’-,

Yeah, the hair need a total re-work, particles maybe (I really want to).

For the clavicle, yeah it looks a little weird. I will try to fix it too.

@Frustration: no, nothing new yet. Actually I’m trying to find good clothes design, and on the one you can see, I don’t know what to add next. I have some ideas but I need to do some changes again.

Mmmmm… And the nudity??? :D:D:D

Now, talk seriously, Nice work I like to much the concept of she

Very nice. Please post some more, preferably wallpaper size.

>< whyd you make us wait so long :stuck_out_tongue:
“what happend to the how to? by the way…”

New hairstyle, which also means new character! :rolleyes:

Once again, I decided to change… But this time I decided to create my own character. No more character from video game or anime, though the inspirations are obvious.

…Don’t ask me her name, I don’t know it yet XD


Are you still using cards to do the hair?

The name could be hootie…

Oh yeah! Fishnets! :smiley: Great body…

And for the modelling, nice job. :stuck_out_tongue:

one day when i grow up… :slight_smile:

kagi is it still the Ayane mesh mith different fetures?

me gusta como va quedando

Yes, the mesh is the same, with the same rigging. I did some little changes though.

It’s actually what I wanted from the start: a basic model to create several characters. I just decided to keep the same face because it is still my first character (since the Ayane one is abandonned)