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I have small update on my project… I’m really busy right now - so everything go much more slower than i want…
Tread is finally done, and now I’m finishing sidebar… You can see it on the picture…
Last missing part is ‘‘Safety warning’’ on the sidebar… I created small list where is some polish tasks and that should be last stage on the mesh…
I also start with some material/texture tests - as I say, I would like to use open source as much as possible… So I tried use GIMP, but this is not solution for me I’ll probably chose KRITA. Goodbye my Adobe subscription?!..

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That’s looking really good! great work, would really love to see the wireframe if possible?

Yes, I’ll show wireframe :wink:

So, today I finish mesh of tire. It is done! - I can’t believe - that was nightmare. Anyway, i can finally start with UVs and continue on the project and left this tough modeling behind me, because that was probably the hardest one. Anyway I’m still on begin, but from this point everything should be more fluent… Ohh god, this sidebar on the tire!!!Pleas, look on the screenshots and let my know what do you think…



what nodes did u use is it PBR with some maps ?

did u try to add some bevel node or even occlusion node ?
to get more shadow effect
mind you on a black tire might not give much effect

nice work anyway
how many verts now ?

happy bl

Hi Ricky, thank you!

It is just base Principled shader - without textures.
Model contain 468.048 verts, and it is separated to three parts, so everything is still editable even with higher polycount.
I’ll use AO later on this -for masking and some highlights on the textures.
But right now it is just base mesh with small postprocess on the renders done in RawTherapee…

Hi Drtikol the wireframe looks really interesting! I was thinking the lettering would have been a separate mesh shrink wrapped but it seems like you have tied it into the side wall mesh is this correct? What are the 3 separate parts that you mentioned above if you don’t mind me asking?

I tried separate text, but there was couple of issues according to smoothing of object. So I decided to create one single mesh without floating geometry - I know -if you make small render no body can see it difference, even if you use only normal map, but I would like to create some really huge render. I trying take care of every small detail -it is relaxing and time consuming:D
And about 3 parts… Because model is right now bit heavy, I separated model to tree part: tread, sidebar and inner side. That make my life much more easier…

Ok nice, how long work hours do you think you have spent on it so far?

That is hard question, because I split work on this to really small sessions for long time… But usually when I working on tires, it took my from 1-2 days (without details like small lettering) to 5-10 days (fully detailed) It always depend how is tire tread detailed/complicated…

But this particular one… Maybe 15*8 hours. I spend lot of time with tweaking custom vertex normals - that was nightmare…

The tire looks fantastic.

Have you ever used the Data Transfer modifier? Combined with the Shrink Wrap modifier and the Normals Auto Smooth setting, it lets you blend independent sub-models onto another model. The Data Transfer modifier lets you copy the normal information from the base mesh and use it to blend the sub-mesh seamlessly into the larger mesh surface. This could have saved you a lot of polygons and probably some time.

Hi Mark, and thank you! yes I tried this method, but normals auto smooth don’t give mi acceptable result… I’v done several tests and methods… And most of them is really usable for standard production… But every solution have some pros and cons… So I decide to choice slower method that give me more precise result, since this model is just for relaxing after work…
I used average function -base on face orientation, then I tweaked individual parts manually.

I started with textures and materials… Here you can see small preview of my progress…
All 2d graphics is done in Krita. I also use couple of textures from CC0 mostly for imperfection…

There is still lot of work…


This is epic work dude

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Thank you!

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I finally find some time after holidays and finishing another project to continue on all the textures for tire, I spend really nice time with Krita, it is really powerful tool.
And yes, textures are finally done!
As I mention on the start of this topic I didn’t use any of commercial product. So far behind this project is only Blender, Krita and Rawtherapee.
Texture is mostly hand-painted with some help from baked AO and I also use some of imperfection textures from . Soo huge thank you all off the people behind this awesome tools and respect!
Let my know what do you think,
Hope you gonna liked!
FYI Look on it in original resolution -it is 7K :wink:

Now I can sleep and continue on the rest of the vehicle… I optimized my workflow trough the tire production so next progress should be faster. But it always depend how much time I have…


Looks GREAT!:smiley:
You must be tired after this roll you’ve been on.

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Thank you:)

I’m not sure if I’m tired, but I’m happy that part is behind me:D But lot of work is still a front of me…

It looks highly detailed. Also, which vehicle are you going to model?

Thank you, I hope I’ll keep same amount of details for rest of the vehicle :wink:
I would like to create some trophy truck, not exactly same which you can see in Baja race, but something similar, more spicy:) I already have some ideas, which I would like to share later in this thread… Right now I’m trying figure out overall technical concept, collecting references, etc…