Projectile 2.0: Rigid Body Instances and Velocity

Update 08 Jan 2020: Version 2 is released which keeps all old behavior but allows rigid body instancing. Still free!

Blender does not natively allow setting the initial velocity for rigid body objects. The workaround requires setting keyframes for position and rotation while also toggling the object’s control between the animation and physics systems. Projectile handles all of the keyframing and more by giving intuitive controls. The linear and angular velocity can be set in real-world units, and Projectile helpfully draws trajectories directly in the 3D View to show an estimation of the path.


Download for free:

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Thanks Zachman . Good luck.:cool:

Please Zachman, don’t remember to change the release number of your addon because it’s always 1.0!
Thanks and congrats for this addon.

Zachman, give us a link to your roller coaster film :eyebrowlift:

I don’t know if I want to. :slight_smile: Its very very rough (I’m not the best animator) and its only 11 seconds long. I’m considering uploading it to YouTube though.

After more than two years I’m back on this addon. I’m currently updating it for 2.8, and I have some exciting features planned!

Also, it is called Projectile now, as that more correctly defines what the addon does, creating projectiles.

Here is a GIF of the current 2.8 progress! Follow @natecraddock and here for updates! Or maybe I’ll make a new topic. Who knows. :slight_smile: I at least wanted to update this topic with the name change.

Here is the code for 2.7x
And here is the code for 2.8x (WIP)


Just added something I’ve been meaning to do for years now. Now you can visualize the trajectory before you apply the physics settings!


Trajectory doesn’t show up on Blender 2.80 ed5202ac6ad.
But i could fix it by changing draw_trajectories to draw on line 81.

Not the best solution, but it works.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reporting! I pushed the fix. The code on GitHub should work now.

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Tried again, and now it works fine, thx for this tool.
Can’t wait to see the new features, :wink:

Thank you and congratulations for this project.

Projectile trajectories now terminate on objects in the scene! Download here to test

I have some more features in the works! I’ll post more here and @natecraddock

Any ideas for features? Or cr

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@CansecoGPC @uruburei Thanks a lot! The support really helps :slight_smile:

This works fine. but I can not do transformation (rotation) of an object during the trajectory. For a new object there is a need to repeat the whole process. In the previous Addon it was more automatically. I hope you are on your goals.

Yes, I’m still in the process of transferring all the features from the 2.7x version to the 2.8x version. :slight_smile: I’ll let you know once it’s been added

Angular Velocity
Initial Position and Rotation
Quality Controls
Auto Update (automatically runs operator)
Auto Play (plays animation after update)

Merged 2.8 branch with master now that major features are complete
Next: Gizmos


thabk you by the fast update


I love this addon.Thank you very much.
I wanna use this, but I don’t know How to use it.

I think { Projectile trajectories now terminate on objects in the scene! Download here to test} is Expired??
And And here is the code for 2.8x (WIP) is Expired too?:sob:

I use 2.8 . I would appreciate if you could let me know.

@Enjoy_Blender, I’m glad you love the addon! :slight_smile: I’m still developing it (I just have a few more features before my “initial” release), but I decided to let everyone try it as I develop. Once I finish I will write a full tutorial. Until then, you can download here. The link is in the first post. Also, the github page has a brief summary of the operation of the addon, and the videos show some features.

Here is a brief overview of the basic functionality.

  1. Install the addon
  2. Select the object you would like to set initial velocity / angular velocity
  3. In the sidebar (toggled by pressing N in the 3D view) there is a panel titled Projectile, inside there are various properties that can be set. By default the addon will automatically update the keyframing of the object, so you can immediately play the animation!

I am sorry for the delay in my response . Thank you for your reply and developing.
I can make animation with rigid body because of your help.