Properties Editor Overhaul? 🤔

(zeauro) #41

OK. So, you don’t agree about merging particle systems tabs (13 panels + other effects panels) with physics but your idea is about replacing physics buttons by a list.

I agree that current buttons to add effects was a bad idea.
A list like modifier’s list would take less space to add effects.
It would be the kind of thing we would have ; if we were trying to copy list template with + button. At the moment an effect is added, there should have an indication by a list item to what effect should be added.
Like + button of texture slots.
When there were introduced, I was in favor of keeping effects creation to modifier’s list.
But I have to admit it is more practical to avoid tabs switching to access display buttons.
Now that each effect have its panels grouped as subpanels inside a global one ; these buttons could be into main parent panel.

A frequent oblivion that is done with proposal of a list like that is that you can use particles and smoke for same effect. So, you may want to display both effect settings at same time by creating 2 properties editor instead of one to tweak velocity.
A list like that would require to take into account that when pinning context.
A dynamic paint effect, dependent of another one, that is also a corner case for these kind of UI design.
If you have no ability to display both effects settings in UI, you will constantly be clicking in the list to attune the effects and loose your time.

(m9105826) #42

Amen. The built-in baking workflow is… well, awful, for lack of a nicer word. BakeTool and TexTools make it a lot nicer, but they shouldn’t have to fix as much as they do. EVERY desired function should be some checkboxes and a single click away from getting a full suite of baked maps.

(Lsscpp) #43

forking here from the new icon’s thread: a rehaul of the materials panel:

(zeauro) #44

Like that, that would be cool.

But I am a little bit afraid that popping-up of icons at activation of a material would be problematic.
A derivated solution where icons would be permanently present for all slots but greyed out would be unreadable and provide a large area to mess-up materials data by clicking errors.

And you are suppressing a feature. Where is the list of materials ?
How do you switch the slot from a material to another one in your blend file ?
Drag and drop from filebrowser or outliner would be cool. But that is not as obvious as list next to datablock name.

I am wondering if simply replacing link switch by an icon stuck to template would not be sufficient to have readable names here.

(Antaioz) #45

The main issue I see is that data block selection and modification is handled the same everywhere.

This change would make the material datablocks handle differently, removing consistency and distancing materials from the datablock system in the mind of the user. In the end, I feel like it would only increase frustration and confusion by making it harder to understand what is happening when data-block ‘quirks’ affect materials.

(Lsscpp) #46

I just forgot that! :slight_smile:

(Michael W) #47

How would you rename a material?

(Lsscpp) #48

The change could extend to every type of datablock?

Double click on the name in the list, you can already do this now

(Craig Jones) #49

This. I have always had to set up separate scenes if I wanted to have separate camera dimensions, and when painting through a camera you need the camera to match the image you are painting.

(Antaioz) #50

That might work for particles, but mesh data? curve data? Actions? Node Groups?

Theres a lot of places where you don’t have a list of datablocks in slots. You could possibly change the datablock selection widget as a whole, and then in the materials panel have each item in the list be a copy of the widget.

(Okavango) #51

You could put the list under the material icon maybe?

(Lsscpp) #52

This would be eligible only for those kind of datablocks with lists.

Like this?

Did you notice the little ’ near to the 2 in the last material? That would mean Fake user

(Antaioz) #53

Which causes the inconsistency I mentioned.

(enenra) #54

What if there’s a long list of materials assigned to one object? You would have to scroll to make a duplicate etc.

(Okavango) #55

Yeah, something like that :slight_smile:

Nice move with the " ’ "

(Lsscpp) #56

How is it different from now?

(enenra) #57

You’re right, I was to quick to judge.