PS3 VS. Xbox 360

So what do you think is going to be the top console of this generation of gaming. Will it be the PS3 or the Xbox 360?

Definately the Wii:p:D

I agree with animatinator. The Wii, as far as I know, is the fastest selling video game console ever.

You should have included the Wii in the list cause I happens to agree with the below opinions (quote taken from a Good Eat Fan Forum)

Personally i say PS3, it will go faster allowing better logistics and graphics, it was some of the best game developers like naughty dog, insomniac, square soft for exsamples , x-box 360 will do well with gears of war and halo 3 naturally , but nintendo wii has a huge problem, most of its games arent new , yes zelda twilight princess looks good but zelda has been done before and when i saw a new sonic game i wanted to cry because again some one is ruining some thing that was good in its day but is now old and boring. and theres a new bomberman game to make it worst and disney will target it for most of its games which i dont want to have any part in any game developed by disney (unless its kingdom hearts but disney didnt really do much for that) and ive seen like a dozen games with mario in the name. If nintendo would get some original (exsclusive) games they would be set but this is plain annoying.

I think Xbox 360 has got a good start and is ahead of ps3… it might be hard to catch… I say X360 for a long time, but PS3 might get even in about a year, maybe.

yes microsoft pulled a preety smart move putting it out before it was truly ready cause alot of the first xbox 360’s screwed up completely, but since people already payed for it , there wasnt much they could do. nintendo and sony will have to catch up.
also i found out there is a f**king snoopy vs red baron game being made for wii…fuck i hate nintendo


is that because microsoft products over heat really easy? j/k

I agree with geomis, PS3 will end up being the best - I’m going to buy one once I get $600

We really don’t need a game console dick measuring thread.

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I agree with geomis, PS3 will end up being the best - I’m going to buy one once I get $600

how’s what I said like what you said
(oops - I quoted myself)

perhaps the biggest defect i the ps3 is its the most exspensive next-gen console, i live in new zealand so i have to wait till march and i hope it goes down in price a bit by then if not, give it 6 months or just wait till next christmas and there would be heaps of awesome games for it by then.

You know I was joking, right? I agree with Lua. I was actually just parodying fanboys, inspired by geomis’ “…fuck i hate nintendo” line. :stuck_out_tongue: I personally have no console favourites, If someone had gone for nintendo and hated microsoft I would’ve said something like 'MARIO IS MY LUVR!~!1"

sorry, far to hard to tell the difference between fanboys and mockers these days.
jeepster: yeah i keep hiting the quote button to quote myself by mistake to.
i have my reasons to like and dislike every console when i think about it
PS3- Annoyly exspensive but has awesome games to come
X BOX 360- if its microsoft i dont trust it but it looks like it has some fun games
Nintendo WII- it doesnt get much original games but that wii sports game looks okay and zelda should be fun

PS3 - the controls on Xboxes are strange.

Sony all the way.

yes! cuby is 100% right

From a purely marketing perspective I’d say Sony have it wrapped up again, assuming they play the same strategy as they did with PS2 and not the PSP mess. That is they need real breadth of genres, whereas the XBox is about depth in a couple of teenage male fantasy areas - they seem to only really have converted some PC gamers to consoleland, not converted other console players to their platform.

Singstar etc. are the reasons people own and keep PS2s. The proof in the proverbial pudding is going to be if Nintendo can get those players on to their platform instead of Sony’s and I would suspect not. Nintendo simply can’t get third party support, because that means competing with them on a machine people only buy to play Nintendo games. Catch 22. That’s why the GBA became kids-tv-license-hell; nothing else sold.

That said the commercial performance of the DS has surprised pretty much everyone in the industry, not least Nintendo themselves.

(Note: I used to develop games for a living).

360>wii>ps3. wii & 360 might be interchangeable there. considering that a huuuuge part of ps2 sales were jimmy’s mom asking which console was the best on christmas night, and the fact that prices were pretty close, jimmy’s mom bought the playstation.

but now, wii will attract jimmy’s mom, 360 will get the older gamers, and ps3 will get the really rich people and ultra-playstation-fanboys.

360 has a year on the competition and the wii’s are moving like wildfire. ps3’s…not so much.

That’s a basic summary of what all the market analysts are saying.

graphically, the ps3 was supposed to be the best, but… as shown by graphics comparisons… it isn’t. it’s actually just a little bit behind the 360 in most areas, except for lighting. ps3 falls WAY behind there. (look at fight night comparisons. no contest)

I’d say PS3, but I’m gonna wait. For those saying bugs and no games on the PS3, it was just released I haven’t seen any glitches yet that can’t be solved via an update. Say the same for the release of the 360. For the Wii it depends on what you want to play, most games I’ve seen just dont interest me unless like at a party with friends or something. So for me I’ll probably wait till next year and see how things stand and how the dust has settled.