Pssssst! Its a secret.

There is a “Make Great Render” Button afterall.

I founds it.

But i’m not telling you where it is.

There’s also a “I can’t be bothered to light it, but this usually does the job” button.

Let’s not forget the “I don’t need a background” button.

If all else fails there is also “OMG SUPER WOW” node for more advanced users.

Don’t say i never teach you anything, they’re all there i promise you.

You. Suck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you find the “Make Pixar Short”, “Make Awesome Game” and “Make Shockingly Photorealistic Human with Believable Hair and Skin Textures and Realistic Eyes” buttons too?

No :frowning: i’m still looking for those.

Well, maybe i found the “Make Pixar Eyes” Button.

Oh, i forgot the “Ohh look! It’s global illumination!” Button.

Heh heh… maybe you should start your own studio then…

Ironic thing is i’m not actually lying in any way, shape or form. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing it involves going to CGTalk and clicking “Save Image As…”

Lol! I actually hadn’t thought of that.

But now you mention it…

On a different note - Yafaray has a “sunlight” button that does wonders. In the blender internal rendering engine, I often “cheat” with the emit button.

It’s not cheating if the end result looks good. That’s my philosophy, anyway.

But where are the “Whipe off any uncanny valley effect issues by the intelligent make it perfect technology.” and the “Instant roundhouse kick for any character you want to be able to knock out Chuck Norris.” Buttons.

I need a remove human error button!

This is where the “OMG SUPER WOW” node comes in handy.

No matter how shit or ordinary something is, if you make it look like a 2d picture or add a crap load of glair, over/under exposure, chromatic abbraision, depth of field or alter the colours to induce an epileptic fit - any combination of those things works wonders.

That… would be… EPIC.

But the only problems are

With the first one: What would we have left to post in the uncanny valley thread? (Maybe pictures of Megan Fox… she’s a little creepy to me…)

With the second one: If Chuck Norris finds out it was you using that one, and comes looking for you when he regains consciousness… what happens then?

People please. Stop living in a lie. There is no way anyone or anything can beat Chuck Norris. Even thinking that is stupid. Don’t you know what he can do?

Yes… that’s why I brought that up.

But you said “when he regains consciousness”… now that’s just impossible. You cannot regain something you can’t lose. Now you must hope that he forgives your mistake.

Where’s the fix the problem I’m trying to solve in my game button? That would allow many dreams of MMO’s and RPG’s to come true.:smiley:

I wonder if Chuck Norris likes pancakes.

Bruce Lee.

Now GTFO. :stuck_out_tongue:

But are you sure sure you understand the problem, or know the question you need answering? For all you know there could be no spoon at all.