QBlocker for Blender 2.8

From the box to the plane and vice versa. Out of the box into the sphere is not necessary.

And about primitives - a point and an edge?


I’ve reinstalled and rediscovered QBlocker. Loving the new additions since the last time I used it. :+1:

A quick question: is it possible to create a perfect sphere on a surface without going through the flat and stretched stages first? That’s be very useful for perfectly spherical objects such as eyes.


— Edit: Found it. Holding Control + Shift does the trick. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Could you give options for where this shows up? It’s currently in the context-menu of the viewport, which makes no sense to me. It’s also in the ‘add’-menu, where I think it belongs.

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Amazing addon.I am using it with Bool Tool or Fast Carve for hard surface modeling.

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QBlocker 0.14 released!

  • Now you can create parametric objects and set the parameters later.
  • I removed the addon from context menu as @Michael_Knubben suggested.
  • Optional setting to ignore surfaces behind grid when create or snap objects. @Dogway suggestion.
  • Additional addon properties to change colors and default values.

Download it from: https://gumroad.com/l/gOEV
Check the documentation: https://qblockerdocs.readthedocs.io/

Have a Nice Day!


Simply amazing!!


Balazs_Szeleczki, quick question… I used to right click and immediately start drawing my objects, but now I am limited to the “add” button. Is there a way to make it active as I right click?
I see now that Michael_Knubben suggested it removed. I personally liked the ability to use your addon after one click.

For now enjoy the praise. This is an awesome addon.

Well, i just commented out this part of the addon.
If you open the __init__.py file in the addon, and at the 201 and 210 lines remove the “#” from the line, the menu will be in the context menu again. :slight_smile:

Great I did it! Back working the way I like it. Thanks

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Great job, @Balazs_Szeleczki! QBlocker is getting better and better. :+1:

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It will be awesome to be able to draw polygon

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Thanks, very smart and useful addon.
Hurrah Magyarorszag !

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Qblocker construction plane is fantastic.
How about using it to place custom meshes, aligned with underlying meshes/ faces ?

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I’d love to have a proper working Plane, like this tool can spawn. Maybe that code could be ripped out and create a new Working Plane tool? :smiley:

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There’s also https://github.com/BenjaminSauder/Workplane which the author seems to be in process converting for Blender 2.8.


I talked to him about that, but seems like he stopped working on it again, or no updates/progress I’ve seen in the last month or two. He was looking at it, but not sure anymore. Maybe he still is…

wow the parametric/non-destructive settings are amazing, was just looking for something similar.

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And there’s Ortho. But it would be great to have it all inside QBlocker.


Im growing to love this add-on but I do admit I miss the “default Snapping” when dragging out your disired dimensions. Don’t you guys think the usability is much smoother if snapping is enabled by default and “non-snapping” is turned off by holding/toggling a key instead the other way ?