Quick Toolbox addon for Blender 2.8+

Current version - v2.2

Quick Toolbox v2.2 brings support to Blender3.0 with auto updates, thumbnail view, pagination system, textures, multiple brush system and many more.

Access your tools, brushes and custom preset brushes in this one toolbox. Available in all modes (Grease pencil mode, Object mode, Sculpt mode, edit mode, Vertex paint, Weight painting, Texture, Node editor, Video editor and everywhere), it will show the tools specific to the Mode.

In fact, it is an alternative to the default Blender Tool menu with more functionality.

Show tools Alphabetically (A to Z), to easily find any tool you want.

Just press SPACEBAR in any mode to access the toolbox

You don’t need to add brushes manually if new brush or tool is added in future updates of Blender, it will automatically add it for you!

Access all necessary tool properties in the toolbox sidebar

You can even customize the number of columns of the grid where brushes and tools are shown. Customize the width of the window!

You can change the shortcuts from the settings button easily!!

What our users say-

“Love this add-on! Great UI design fits very well aesthetically and is incredibly functional, especially during sculpting workflows. My thanks to the developer!”-----W3rD

“Really amazing addon which totally solving for me problem of brush management in sculpt mode and very useful in other modes to change active tool as quick as possible especially for the tools without useful hotkey.”—


Whats new:

  • Auto updating Quick Toolbox whenever a new update is available. No need to download and install add-on whenever there is a bug fix or small changes! You can choose to disable auto update in Settings.
  • Center Toolbox in cursor position.
  • Bringing back most of the settings back! Toolbox width, searchbar etc. See the options in Settings.
  • You can now change the width of the sidebar in settings.
  • Added Grease pencil new features like automerge, multiframe, freeze etc at topbar.
  • And of course bug fixes!

Get it on Blender market or Get it here Gumroad


Some screenshots of the toolbox in different modes-



Wow, wow, wow !!!
Great job.
could you please add an option to set the fake user mode of all the brushes of a scene ?

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Thanks very much! I will definitely look into this feature :slight_smile:

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One more request : I use the Sculptor toolbox ( https://blendermarket.com/products/UltimateBrushes ) and have multiple version of Clay, crease brushes that dosen’t show up in your menu.
Could you display all the brushes ?

I see you want to see all the custom brushes of a specific brush. I will be adding this feature to the roadmap.
Currently it shows the main brushes and tools from the toolbar.


I just thought about some kind of addon like this would be handy a few weeks ago.

Great you made it become real :smiley:

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Thanks. Hope people find it useful!! I might make a list of features which the users want. @Rimasson made a feature request which I think I should include it in next update if I can.


Nice add-on, bought it. :+1:

After trying it, I miss these options:

  1. The ability to hold the key, move the pointer to a tool, then release the key to activate the tool.
  2. The option to change the shortcut key. I’d love to assign the Quick Toolbox to the Spacebar, so I don’t need to look at the keyboard to find the B key.
  3. The possibility to rearrange / sort the favorites. For consistent behaviour it’d be nice if the Favorites would be auto-sorted alphabetically, like the tools.
  4. Will the favorites be removed when you deinstall the add-on? In that case, a ‘Save Favorites’ and ‘Open Favorites’ option would be great, either in the add-on Preferences or in the Toolbox itself.


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Thank you!

I will try to implement it.

ok, I will add that in next update

Will try to implement it in next update!

Yes It will be deleted. In the next update, I will keep those in preferences.

Next update will be a very useful update i guess.
Thank you very much for the feedbacks!!


Great, thank you too! :+1:

In the next update users can access their custom brush presets in the toolbar, with the ability to add it to favourites and hide them (Shown by default) when not needed.
Also now the active tool gets highlighted in the toolbox for better design.
Here is a sample video showing the above features!

Custom brushes link https://www.blendswap.com/blend/18735
if you can share the addon I will appreciate it a lot!!


Bought it too and so far great work! I have some ideas for improvement too:

  • Close the panel when the user selected/clicked on a tool (just like the right-click menu)
  • When I choose 2 columns in the settings the layout seems to be a bit offset - no big bug just some layout issue
  • Would be great to put the A-Z List in 2 rows, so the panel could be smaller than 600px (could be a settings option for example)
  • Adding texture paint and UV editing tools would be awesome
  • Maybe even add custom commans/operator like the “Quick favourites” shortcut
  • Icon-only mode: Showing the name of the tool optionally in the tooltip

Thanks so much for the feedback!! Really appreciate it!

I am trying to implement it but failing!

I will try to implement it

Texture paint tools are already available in 3d viewport. For 2d viewport it’s not implemented, I will look into it though

Nice one!, this will come in next update!

This one nice too, I will look into it!!

Your feedbacks are so much appreciated, thanks so much!

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Your support is very much appreciated as well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


New version released-
New features:

  • Support for custom brush presets
  • New favourite shortcut- Alt V
  • Change shortcut from the settings button
  • Hide show brush presets
  • And mini bugs fixes

If you find any bug please report it here. Thank you !!


Thanks for the new version. I didn’t receive an update email from Gumroad, is that correct?

I’m using the daily updated master builds, and noticed that the settings and favorites are not saved. Could you please see if you can fix that? I know it’s not usual to ask for non-official Blender build support, but all other add-ons work fine in 2.91 Alpha.

Blender 2.91 has its own 2.91 add-ons folder. Maybe that’s causing the issue?


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Received the Gumroad email, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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hmm, I have sent an email to all the customers. Anyway I have sent another email who paid more than $3, so you will get the email.

That may be related to my addon issue because the favourites and settings are based on per blender file. So each blender file can have separate favourites. My initial thought for not making it global, user can save the favourites with the startup blender file by following the steps-

  • Open a new file
  • Heart your favourite tools and brushes
  • Go to Files > Defaults > Save startup file.
    This way user can load favourites every time they create a new file.

I would like to know more about this feature, what they feel.

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Nice! After installing the addon, you may need to enable and disable the addon once to see the changes. I don’t know why the changes don’t show automatically.

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To be honest I personally prefer saving preferences from the add-on preferences or settings, because saving a default Blend file nails down all Blender settings, so you need to reset Sculpt Mode brushes and keep checking possibly changed default settings when a new Blender alpha is released.