Ramen Noodle Inventor Died!

I heard about it from my principle. tonight I’m gonna eat a bag of ramen noodles in his honor…:(:(:frowning:

o noez… all the college students in the world must be mourning right now… god bless him, he did wonders for humanity. no joke. :slight_smile:

i think it’s interesting that the creator of such an unhealthy food managed to live to the age of 96.

Yes, we are.

lemme guess- he OD’d on salt?
seriously, those things have like an entire week’s worth of salt in one flavor packet…

Also, I don’t think he invented ramen per se, but rather prepackaged, instant ramen (I was under the impression that the Japanese have had ramen for quite a while)

Despite all this, let him rest in peace, I love that stuff to no end…

Wow…that stinks…
I eat ramen noodles at least twice a week lol Not just because they’re cheap, but I really love them. :frowning:

I love to crunch em just like a granola bar… mmmm

Well, at least he left the world a great thing.
I liked the chicken flavored the most
infact, I’ll eat some right now

i just had beef ramen last night for dinner. wow. what a great accomplishement for your life. to know, as you fade away, the people around the whole friggin world are eating your invention right now. very nice.

That’s funny, they all taste exactly the same to me… :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, I never had a different flavor before, so I didn’t know…
just had a bowl tho

not a happy thought if you invented the shovel.

that’s all i have to say to you.
dot. dot. dot.

Or the internet 0_o…

BR - would you like some toast with your ramen?

you’ve gotta admit, that was a pretty sweet shovel joke… or am i just full of shovel? i mean really, i hate to toot my own shovel.


That was spot on.

i hate to toot my own shovel.

maybe I should change my name to
The Shovel Horn I Toot
I’d me the $#!T
I’m well rounded too
the chicks say I’m “hot”
I’m good at running
I guess that makes me a runny and well rounded- steaming hot $#!T
ok, i’ll stick to jeepster and leave it at that.

hey hey, if you don’t like my jokes, just shovel it up yo butt.

yes, i am the king of shovel puns! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

wow…over a shovel…ya’ll r sadd…jeepster is the only shovel king around here…i even made him some stuff on inkscape in his honor…and jeepster let me noe if theres any trouble…;)…oh Lua ur jokes r wack…:stuck_out_tongue:

If…you…don’t…stop it…with…the periods…I’m… gonna…go… insane…