Rami Malek Likeness Sculpt

Hey Guys, I wanted to show you my latest work a likeness sculpt from the actor Rami Malek Mr. Robot style.


nice work you made it


This is looking really nice and super realistic. Good work


While I don’t know the actor, I’ll just say this is some incredible, brilliant work, congrats, Sir. Seriously great man, even though the 2nd render feels a tad underexposed, maybe? Great lighting though!
Why doesn’t this have more comments?

greetings, Kologe

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Very impressive! I have started to learn how to sculpt portraits but I am not there yet. I manage to get to credible humans but likeness is way more difficult. Do you use mouse or pad? I tried to get the pad working with blender but I couldn’t figure out how to work efficiently with it.

Hey Oskar-A Thank you ,
I’m using mouse, even for drawing the textures . The most people using a tablet and i should probably use it too but i dont like it. I have an wacom bamboo tablet and i cant get it work proper too.

You’re #featured! :+1:

Nice job! When I saw couldn’t resist opening it haha, well done and I have watched mr robot all episodes so really likes it!:+1:

Hot. :heart:
Nice work !

Splendid work !

Lovely work bro!

PS concerning the tablet, i also had the same issue i think. I couldnt get used to the feeling. I had the tablet for years (intuos 4). Than months ago i forced my self to try it again and use it every day. I took a just a couple days and now i can do stuff without it. Last i used my mouse because i forgot to took my tablet. Thats was so weird.

This is incredible work!

The Evil Within 2 confirmed

Wow, good job, it really looks like him.

Another great artist to inspire fellow mouse users.

Very cool!! Was this only Blender? Great work, keep it up! :smiley:

Thank you :grin:

Yes everything was done in Blender

Very good!

This is stunning work! What was the poly count of the sculpted head? And I assume you used a bump map for the finer skin details right? I hope you don’t mind my asking :slight_smile:

uncanny resemblance …great work

Looks great. Now do Christian Slater and make an animated morph :slight_smile: