Ramona Flowers - Tier 3/3

Version 1

Version 2
“Bread makes you fat”

Version 3

The Last/Third Tier for the Fan Art of Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

The Zoom Details (1/2)


Here are the previous two Tiers if you are interested to see them.
Tier 1 | Ramona Flowers - Tier 1/3
Tier 2 | Ramona Flowers - Tier 2/3

The Zoom Details (2/2)

For this Tier, I tried to maximize the level of details as much as I could possibly pull.
I’ve turned the hair from a beveled Blender’s curves to Blender’s hair particle system.
And I also did a little bit of compositing to add the glow/bloom/streak effect using the holy Glare Node in Blender’s Compositor.

The Clay Renders

I’ve modeled her iconic goggles and an arm for the first two versions.
For the background, I actually used actual 3D objects, unlike the previous two Tiers where I’ve used flat color and 2D images instead.

Blender’s Viewport Look

I also decided to add those floating objects (IDK what to call them) for the added depth with the help of Blender’s Geometry Nodes.
I’d also like to mention that I simply added some fabric texture to the outfit for this and the second Tiers.

References Board

All the major works were all done pretty much in Blender except for the Texturing where I used Substance 3D Painter instead.

Blender Screenshot

Lastly, if you’d like to check this one out on Artstation, visit this link | https://www.artstation.com/artwork/vJBVNa

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Great work, congrats.

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thank you!

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There are two Tiers prior to this with slightly different levels of detail that I have divided into different Tiers.

Tier 1: Ramona Flowers - Tier 1/3
Tier 2: Ramona Flowers - Tier 2/3

Thank you for your attention!

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