Rank 3 Police Unit


(nikvili) #1


Sooo… this is my first blender project (i have general experience in 3D though). I was working on this one during my study of this awesome software. Well, it served its purpose, now i know blender much better. )

This is cute symbiosis of human bones and machinery used for police work in some weird society. It is never too late to join the police force. )

I was’t thought much of a design (although for every detail i had a purpose in my mind). As i mentioned, this project was more like blender-study thing. But i enjoyed doing all those detail. Working in blender is pure delight after 3ds max…

Modeled and textured with default tools and add-ons, mostly. Some models are quad-based, some created in non-subdivide technique… Skull and suit were sculpted. Unfortunately, with a mouse, so they are far from perfect. :slight_smile: Renders are color corrected in compositor, minor post-work in Krita (vignette, kill some fireflies, little film grain).

I was using PC older than my grandpa (3GB RAM with ancient AMD Athlon II X3, no GPU) to create this dude. I was surprised, how great blender’s optimization is. At the end process was not smooth at all though… :slight_smile: I was not able to render it at higher res with more samples, it would take forever with my hardware.

This project available for free to everyone, if you like it. https://gum.co/zRWU
If you’ll find it useful in any way, please consider donation. I really need to buy some RAM. :slight_smile:

Well, tell me what you think, it would be much appreciated. )

Huge thanks to blender and it’s add-on developers, Krita developers, to hdrihaven.com, to great folks from pixabay.com. You guys are awesome.

(kalish) #2

Dude, this work is fantastic. There’s so much detail on it. Great job! Welcome to the Blender side.

(nikvili) #3

Thank you, really appreciate it. ) Glad to be blender user. This soft is amazing. )

(English is not my native language) #4

Amazing work, very detailed. It really looks very professional.
You are very kind to share this quality work to be studied by others and learn.
Thank you.

(nikvili) #5

No problem, glad you liked it! )

(ChameleonScales) #6

Sorry, can you repeat that?

That’s it, I’m out!
That’s not possible, how the f… how, what???
I can’t even make a skull alone with 3GB of RAM!

(pixelgrip) #7

Wow,i can imaging this character in a new cinematic blockbuster in a fashion like i robot meets terminator.

(nikvili) #8

As i mentioned, i’ve had general experience in 3D. )

Well, here’s sad crappy gif about how crappy my machine is :smiley:

Seriously, this is not my merit, it’s blender’s developers. It is very light and well-optimized piece of software. But, to be completely honest, at the end of the project, “Simplify” button became my best friend. ) And, of course, i removed sculpted parts after retopo and baking.

Thanks for commenting. )

(nikvili) #9

Thank you, man, appreciate it. You too kind. )

(ouraf) #10

The render and materials gave it quite the charm. can i vote it to be featured in the site’s top row?

(nikvili) #11

Sure, thank you! ) Thank for your comment!

(ChameleonScales) #12

my computer has 3.7 GB of RAM and an Intel Core i7 and I could never see myself do such a detailed model. In fact I wasted so much time waiting for it to load and have been so frustrated with its lag that I decided to stop doing CGI alltogether about a year ago and wait until I can raise enough money to buy a professional computer.
I guess you made it possible by never displaying more than one piece at a time or you had the ability to bury your frustration over lag deep down and deal with it but either way I’m impressed.

(English is not my native language) #13

Just in case you do not know, you see Simplify options in Scene tab. This scene has Viewport Subdivision Simplification active (0). Also If you choose for viewport Texture Limit = 128, in Cycles with rendered preview Blender occupies approximately 2.5GB RAM.
Also for slow hardware, this option in Blender from master can help to preview faster in rendered view (in decreasing of quality):

The problem is, especially for Linux, that Blender from buildbot has many problems in RAM management, including a bug that has not yet been resolved. So you try to use stable 2.79b, or you see if compiling Blender by yourself, RAM is better managed than with Blender from buildbot.

(ChameleonScales) #14

Thanks, some useful info. Still, there are many reasons why I won’t do any serious CGI before I have a new computer.

(nikvili) #15

Well, yes, i used layers to hide some objects that i did not needed at the moment. And yes, there was some… em… mental struggle, but i got used to it, i guess. )

(Bart Veldhuizen) #16

You’re #featured! :tada:

(Piotr Adamowicz) #17

Fantastic modelling work!

All I can say is maybe it could use a splash of color to make the shapes pop.

(renderhjs) #18

Very impressive piece of work even more impressive that you decided to share the files. This is a great piece to learn from - thank you very much!

(nikvili) #19

Yay! Here’s happy smile :slight_smile:

Thank you, Bart!

(nikvili) #20

Glad you liked it! And i am the one who need to say thank you for your awesome TexTools! ) I wish i would discovered it earlier, it would helped with this project, i am sure. )