RANT : people who whine about blender not being like max

Could someone please tell me why a 3D app has to be commercial before it’s allowed to have it’s own unique keyboard shortcuts???

Softimage XSI does not use the same keyboard shortcuts as max : no problem
Maya does not use the same shortcuts as max or xsi : no problem
Blender does not use the same shortcuts as max, maya or xsi : GASP!!! Someone call the CDC!!!

The irony is that the same people who whine (endlessly) about blender devs not turning blender into enough of a mirror clone of max that they’d get their pants sued off by autodesk, are the same ones who complain about there being “no” tutorials available for blender (internet? what is this internet thing you speak of?). Which is probably for the better anyway, as none them (the tutorials that aren’t there) would make any sense to them (the whiners) anyway because THEY’VE DONE GONE CHANGED ALL THE KEYS ANYWAY!!!

Deep breath, and release. Smiles. There, thats better. Universe fixed.

really? someone whines? who? when? most importantly, why? name names! let’s have them out.

I’m thankful to have Blender as a free program for everyone interested in 3d-art. Blender is RESPONSIBLE, no GUILTY of opening doors to people who want to follow a path of art and beauty of the human mind.
Thank you Blender for inspiration and giving my artistic life style in a revival of helping me see who I really am!

I’m still an artist


Somebody should rant about people ranting on the internet.

And am I the only one who thinks ‘rant’ is an odd word?

Rant honestly sounds like an adjective for a violent bowel movement or something. Or maybe competitive projectile vomiting.

However, I do share the rantee’s sentiments. Thank goodness he’s here to fix the universe for us, I don’t have the kajones :slight_smile:

Oh, and just to be clear, if anyone drops an ‘Autode$k’ in the ensuing thread, there will be consequences… because this thread is now about…

Tina Fey.

Hot and funny? There must be a God.

If Blender wasn’t here/wasn’t free then I wouldn’t know much about 3D at all! Also Iwould be bored out of my mind!!!

I certainly couldn’t see 5 layer menus and 3DS-Max’yness all over Blender. But I do notice Blender now puts a little dot on the layer buttons that lead to layers with objects, that’s nice.

What is funny is when people that rants about people that rants about blender not being like 3dsmax rants about gimp not being like photoshop.

(what? Am I unclear ?)


I, personally, am glad that Blender is blissfully unburdened by the abstract mess that Max calls the modifier stack. Honestly, who thought it would be a good idea to have it so that changing the geometry of the underling mesh plays havoc with the bone weights, the UV unwrapping, and every other modifier?

Not everyone complains. I sure don’t.

Jesterking on CGTalk has said that work on 2.5 will start fairly soon so that will mean customized hotkeys.

So Max users can have Max hotkeys without Blender becoming a Max clone.

quite, back on topic!

isn’t that a hot clone of Sarah Palin? (or am I confusing her with a female dwarf?..meh. Hobbit jokes are old hat.)

she’d have to be hotter than that to be a clone of sarah :wink:





So I’ll just drop this in and leave, 'mkay?


Who knew something as bad as using sex to sell a campaign could look so goooood?

@Sandrew: Go fix the geometry, it’s too much!


Excuse me… I need to go… errr… be alone for a little while.

So is it scary-hot? or just scary? :smiley: