(Jeannot) #42

Added some Depth of Field, made the camera lens wider, applied color correction. Here is with and without feathers. Nearly happy with it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jeannot) #43

Anybody knows how to animate Andrew Price’s Pro Lighting Skies rotation? I have tried in the world panel and in the nodes, but it just doesn’t move at all during animation. It moves in the viewport when I set the keys, but it just doesn’t play. I did send him an e-mail but he is a busy guy and I doubt he will answer me. SO please, anybody’s got any ideas?

(Jeannot) #44

Added some sort of mountain/volcano

(Jeannot) #45

Added bugs flying around, felt like something was missing!

(Jeannot) #46

Added some light smoke coming out of the volcano, made the bugs smaller and less motion blurred. Here is a shot before and after image composite.


That’s amazing that your were able to implement such advanced deformation layers and complex rigging in blender!! I have always wondered hownthat could be accomplished. Mind sharing some tutorials or resources?

(Jeannot) #48

@Linkun Thanks :slight_smile: Well, I do plan on making tutorials eventually. Lots of anatomy studies as well as environment studies, looking at a lot of videos and trying to reproduce stuff really is the key. Eventually after many trial and errors, you figure it out :wink: But its hard to explain and I currently don’t know of any tutorials that teaches how to do rigs like this… I will do one eventually, wont be free though…

Added some trees and tweaked a bit everything :slight_smile:

(Jeannot) #49

Here is the openGL animated render (real-time viewport) of my raptorex environment :slight_smile:

(Jeannot) #50

Update with proper motion blur & Depth of Field, made the bugs smaller and less fast, made the ground less sandy and more dirt like since its supposed to be a lake and not the ocean. Nearly there :sunglasses:

(Jeannot) #51

Here is an update, a quick low quality render of my environment animation. Water needs work, its too wavy for a lake, the bugs are just simple spheres for now, need to replace those with actual bugs models animated, the wind in the vegetation also need work, but Its getting there!

(Jeannot) #52

Here a video instead of a GIF (less noisy) :slight_smile: