(Jeannot) #42

Added some Depth of Field, made the camera lens wider, applied color correction. Here is with and without feathers. Nearly happy with it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jeannot) #43

Anybody knows how to animate Andrew Price’s Pro Lighting Skies rotation? I have tried in the world panel and in the nodes, but it just doesn’t move at all during animation. It moves in the viewport when I set the keys, but it just doesn’t play. I did send him an e-mail but he is a busy guy and I doubt he will answer me. SO please, anybody’s got any ideas?

(Jeannot) #44

Added some sort of mountain/volcano

(Jeannot) #45

Added bugs flying around, felt like something was missing!

(Jeannot) #46

Added some light smoke coming out of the volcano, made the bugs smaller and less motion blurred. Here is a shot before and after image composite.

(Lincoln Deen) #47

That’s amazing that your were able to implement such advanced deformation layers and complex rigging in blender!! I have always wondered hownthat could be accomplished. Mind sharing some tutorials or resources?

(Jeannot) #48

@Linkun Thanks :slight_smile: Well, I do plan on making tutorials eventually. Lots of anatomy studies as well as environment studies, looking at a lot of videos and trying to reproduce stuff really is the key. Eventually after many trial and errors, you figure it out :wink: But its hard to explain and I currently don’t know of any tutorials that teaches how to do rigs like this… I will do one eventually, wont be free though…

Added some trees and tweaked a bit everything :slight_smile:

(Jeannot) #49

Here is the openGL animated render (real-time viewport) of my raptorex environment :slight_smile:

(Jeannot) #50

Update with proper motion blur & Depth of Field, made the bugs smaller and less fast, made the ground less sandy and more dirt like since its supposed to be a lake and not the ocean. Nearly there :sunglasses:

(Jeannot) #51

Here is an update, a quick low quality render of my environment animation. Water needs work, its too wavy for a lake, the bugs are just simple spheres for now, need to replace those with actual bugs models animated, the wind in the vegetation also need work, but Its getting there!

(Jeannot) #52

Here a video instead of a GIF (less noisy) :slight_smile:

(Jeannot) #53

Alright, human Mocap from CMU (mocap 77-13) re-targeting on my Raptorex Rig, full dynamic tail (follows the mocap), full dynamic toes that automaticially bend when lifted. Absolitely no animation here, 100% mocap then simulated :slight_smile:
Viewport realtime render :slight_smile:

(thorst) #54

Wow, that mocap looks very convincing. Did you follow any tutorials for that?

(Jeannot) #55

Well, I did check out a tutorial about how to use Make human to generate a quick mocap ready rig to import in blender. The rest was pretty much trial and errors really. I have over 850 hrs put on this bad boy. Lots of testing really. The mocap rig ain’t the hard part, mapping it to my raptorex rig was not easy but I think it came out rather well :slight_smile:

(Jeannot) #56

Here is an update as well as a breakdown of the muscle system that makes this looks great!

(Jeannot) #57

Should I continue doing 3D? Do I have skills or not? Where am I going wrong?

(Ace Dragon) #58

I’m not really going to be able to give useful feedback regarding rigs using a custom muscle setup, as it is not something I have ever made a whole lot of effort in outside of posting creatures for still images.

That said, your hobbies shouldn’t become dependent on how much feedback you get or how many likes you receive. It’s not uncommon for the reply stream in a Finished Projects thread to dwindle the longer the artist keeps it going. In this case, the work is starting to feel more like something that should’ve gone in the Work in Progress forum.

(Jeannot) #59

You are right, I wanted to post this in Work In Progress, but I pressed the wrong button (finished project) and only realized only after I’ve posted it…

I have no ideas how to move the thread though and I am sure the forum staff is too busy to bother moving it for me.

I ain’t asking my question because of my views or likes, Its just a general question.

Do you think I have skills or not?

And 3D using blender is not a hobby, I’ve been doing 3D for 18 years as a profession, its a way of life.

Started out with Maya in 2001, and then I had a cancer in 2008, Blender saved my life by allowing me to focus on learning it instead of focusing on the harsh reality I was facing on chimo (I tried to kill myself back then at the very beginning, then I found Blender and focused on it, now I am a cancer survivor)

Also, since then I’ve slowly let go of Maya… but Blender ain’t a big money maker for me yet. I am wondering if its because of my skills or because I am not a business man.

P.S…: Can one of the forum staff please move this thread to Work In Progress whenever you guys (or gals) have time, no rush, I don’t want to take up any of your precious time, thanks!

(schamph) #60

In my opinion the model looks great… but there are always ways to improve it (like in the wallpaper I would do a soft light for the model because now you can barely see the details)

The bigger thing with making money with blender is the right project that people wants or you have a client… but for a shop you need a project that everyone could need…

In this case and of cause my own opinion this model is very specific and might not have a big audience… And the biggest point is the time you put in to evaluate the price…

You need quality but not perfection to save time.

Hope this helps to get more into the business side.

(Jeannot) #61

@schamph Thank you for that feedback, very well said, I understood everything, good perspective, thanks for that!!! Makes a lot of sense.