Rate the avatar below you

Just a guess, but it is probably a plastic sort of representation of a dragon head…

EDIT sorry forgot the rating… 2/10

Incorrect. And you also didn’t rate it. :wink:

Um…7/10 just for cleverness.

Why thank you, my avatar is very clever.

Next avatar is an 80*80 array of pixels and I give it a rating of x where 5<x<10.

Incorrect, 80*76.
The next one i rate 1 and a bit out of 2.

I don’t get it…
Maybe cos im drunk, but i just dont get it at all…

Aren’t you CD in another screen name?

The next one I would rate @ 6/10 just because I think it is cool…

You think mine is cool? Thanks for that.

The next one I would rate 3/10 because it’s freaken dark on most monitors

Yeah…it is isn’t it?

72/200 because I’m honestly not into that kind of thing, though it’s a decent image.

Don’t really like eyes huh - well, to each his own.

I rate the next one heads out of tails, due to the uncertainty principle.

Um yeah ok. I spent a lot of time on it and this is what I get.

I rate the next one an ensign. You will get promoted too a commodore in no time.

Arrr, unless I get arrested and tried for piracy first. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks, kbot!

Ok, next one: 8.5/10 I rarely ever give a perfect score, but it is soooo you.

CD, you are just too easy!

The next one reminds me of old school art. I’ll give it a 123/256.

Why not 128/256?

I rate the next one 3.456789 out of 3.1415926535 because pi is wonderful and 3.456 is only superficially interesting.

Pi? As long as it’s not coconut cream (Bleggh, too sweet), great!

The next avatar is rated PG.

For violence?

I’m pretty sure the next is a 12 / 17

Oh I know I could have done better :stuck_out_tongue:

The next one probably shouldn’t be changed and makes me hungry.

lol, nice thread,

RedyJay, if my avatar makes you hungry, then I think your gay :wink:

Next avatar gets e out of π , because it gives me a headache.

Well have an iSundae then. Not sure why mine makes pie.

But anyways, I have to rate the next 5*'s for unique-ness, and the fine effort of helping support the society of a city where lonely people have gathered to be alone.

Thanks I am unique, but I think you need to edit your reply, next one gets 0 out of .1, just cause’

Oh and I thought my avatar was so nice, at least it’s not a picture of me, because then it would get a negative rating.

Next: two and a half stars out of four.