Re-L from Ergo Proxy (fan art)

As a huge fan of Ergo Proxy I decided to spend my winter break making a realistic version of Re-l, kind of the main character.

I first started with a base dyntopo mesh and then retopologyzed, modeled the clothes and sculpted details.
The postpro was made in Gimp and used the normal pass to enhance lighting, Z pass for defocus and a plane blurred image for background.

I managed to make an attempt of SSS natively in cycles following the Absortion tutorial by Gottfried Hofmann, Ill post the node tree soon.

Render time was 11 hours on Cycles via cpu (humble core2duo 2.2ghz, 4gb ram, GF 9800m gs) with 1300 samples, 2440x1620 res, strand render patch.


skin node tree and a SSS test render

Hi-res render for wallpaper or whatever jeje

Unmistakably Re-l. Nicely done.
Do Pino in her bunny costume !

Brilliant work, felipetorrents! How long have you been using Blender? This is the work of a professional, I have no critiques. Stunning!

Amazing render.

The only problem I have with that image is that it’s clearly too good to have been done by me.

Do you have a higher resolution render you could post? I would love to add this to my desktop background rotation.

Very impressive, you have talent to do that, wow very stylish and inspired ! Could you share some wireframe please?

Yep that chick can blow my mind any time… verrry nice work!!!

I can only throw a kiss to her, No offense she is really too much nice and good. :smiley:

Cool Image, nice and moody. The hair patch is really starting to shine.

I don’t know the source material at all, so I had to google it. The pose seems to be quite iconic for this character, and you’ve pulled it off nicely, but in the image search I did her skin tone seems to be alot paler. But then again I don’t know the source material so I could be completely wrong.

Very nice work modeling and redendering is great!
But just the hair - I think it is actually too realistic for the rest of the rendering.
It shows a good amount of natural disorder and the rest of the rendering is CG perfection.

She is also an interesting character.

Looks great!

Unbelievable! How did you do the background?

Her hair is incredible. So is everything else, but I think you did an exceptional job with the hair.

Awesome work!
Ergo Proxy is also one of my favorite series :stuck_out_tongue:

The shotgun is missing some more details. The face needs to look more femininity in my opinion :slight_smile: The image looks nice.

Lovely render! Great modeling! Lighting fits your backdrop perfectly! Hair…pose…expression looks great. If you had to add a bit more detail on her gun…wear on her jacket and some facial decoloration…your image would be close to photo real. But that might not be the look you are after. Congrats!

Thanks for the feedback! it’s very usefull, I appreciate very much!

Here are some wireframes!

The pose was actually not correct and balanced, but it was just for the shot. I struggled a lot with the hair and still isn’t perfect, mainly because my love and patience ended.


the hair is actually very stunning but I think it looks to natural and not fitting this manga style.

Pretty awesome what Blender can produce.

Amazing job. Face and hair are especially awesome! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Fantastic work and great use of cycles strand rendering. Did you have any issues using the strand rendering?

Ergo Proxy is a great series.

Impressive work.