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Make a bookshelf in the room

Hey! I just got the same card today! =D It’s quite a nice little screamer. GPU rendering is now the way to go.

Your interior render looks very good. My only complaint, if I could find one, is perhaps that it doesn’t exactly jump out of all the other bajillions of architectural renders out there. But that’s not a big issue. It still is a masterpiece, regardless.

Keep it up!


Awesome job! …bur 10 hours for a single render… omg D:

Damn, I am mad now, pressing the reply button instead of “post quick reply”! :ba:
Well all i was saying its superb work on materials and it looks like u got some level of skills there! hell, only that I would expect maybe more interesting view or maybe different composition. Anyway I was gonna ask how could be your render is clear after 6000 samples using HDRI? I took 6000 and it was quite dotty…can imagine that twice as much would not be enough! Using regular color backround is pretty clean after 2000… So definitely rendering ten hours whole scene would not be enough for me and that is a lot of time! Would u have an idea? Have u dealt with this already?

Well, consider that the sun lamp contibutes to reduce the noise. To me remained some noise in the darkest parts, and where the courtain casts the shadow. I removed it with photoshop and the object or material index pass. On some objects there wasn’t noise at all.

great job lell!

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This image is giving me a lot of satisfaction! (the second article)

Thankyou all!

This is amazing! Calling this photorealistic would be an understatement.

If I saw this without the chair in the picture, I’d immediately assume it was real. I don’t know why, but the chair just seems a slight bit less realistic than the rest of it. Just can’t put my finger on it, though :confused:

Great job. I also like the curtains. However, the shadow on the wall seems a bit too sharp. I would have expected the light to have more diffusion after passing through those curtains and therefore would expect the shadow to be softer. I also agree with some comments about the chair. I think it may be that the texture is too sharp and contrasty, which may add to the “CG look”.

But overall, great work.

nice work, look real

Great realistic shot!

VERY nice! I’m wanting to do the same thing with back lit curtains. I’ll look at that tutorial you pointed us to above. Then I’ll have to translate that into Blender.

THIS IS DAUNTING! I don’t think I can ever this good. I’m still struggling with wrapping textures around spheres! :eek:

Excellent !!!

Well done! My first reaction was the white sheer curtains and the way the light played around the room. Then the picture leaning against the wall. The story possibilities coming out of using a room like this were multiplied in your additional posts that it is part of a larger structure. Wow!

I’m glad to still read new compliments! Thankyou all!

Great work and very realistic! Kudos!

Great Work!!

Very sweet. Now give me a book and go away because I want to read :wink: