Real Camera

Real Camera Controls Addon


The Camera Settings in Blender are randomly
This Addon rearranges those options in a clever way and using correct values like a real world camera
It includes Lens Flare, Chromatic Aberration, Bokeh… all effects produced on all the camera lenses

This is pretty cool. Makes “what does what” much easier to understand.
Thanks for another cool Blender addon, Macio!

wow nice addon i have been looking for something like this, it is kind of similar to maxwell render
thx for sharing

I’m a huge fan of your addons and I’m really excited to try this one out!

I cant thank you enough, This is amazingly useful when i try to integrate 3d models in real-time footage.
tank you.

Thank you so much, Macio! It worked perfect for me. It made me easy to create the glare effects and the chromatic aberration for my last Blender work. You can see if you want here, in the forum.

Thank you again and congratulations for your work and for your improvements!!! Have a nice days!!!

Real Camera 1.1 Update

  • Flash
  • Checkable Effects

Oh, I had not seen this. Thanks macio and team!

Just an advice for people. Please, if you are wanting to achieve photo realism, you do not put chromatic aberrations in your renders. Today, the camera lenses are high quality achromatic lenses, you do not see these strong aberrations with modern cameras. Also, camera software have good algorithms to remove any trace of aberrations that may exist. People will notice immediately that yours is a render if they see these chromatic aberrations there. I talk about photorealism. If you’re not looking for photorealism, for sure chromatic aberrations can be a good effect on different circumstances.

Looking interesting.
Is this a type of “physical camera” or is it more of integrating existing effects into easy to use the camera settings?

There was a “physical camera” project a while ago which I think was discontinued:

Yes, there is another Addon but it doesn’t work well with 2.77 and Real Camera has Flash, Bokeh, Lens Flare, all related to a camera. The controls aren’t 100℅ Physically Based because Cycles doesn’t work with photons, but it is a better way is using the everyday camera settings

This looks awesome :smiley:

technically though, real lens flares are impossible in blender and the ghosts glare thing is the closest thing to lens flares we will get in blender :frowning:

Brilliant! This should become a standard Blender feature. Please submit it for integration in the ‘Master’ branch.

What about vignetting?

And dirty lens…

Another masterpiece from the master. Thanks.

Has anyone managed to make the addon work (lens flare/bokeh)?

I’m using v1.1 on Linux. I’m trying with the default cube and by mimic the video in youtube settings, but all I get is a very burnt/overexposed image. Also I tried with Sun lamp and HDRi.

I’m probably doing something wrong, no one has reported any problems.

There is a thing you must do, keep open the compositor so than when you change the effects values, the Image automatically updates

I like your addon but I do not like the way it handles existing compositor nodes. Switching it on is an easy way to purge whole project. It just deletes everything.
Maybe put all nodes into one group (for clarity) and check what node is connected to Composite than put that group in between?
I appreciate your work, I just wish I could use your lovely addon in my projects without fear :slight_smile:

Thanks ziel for the report :slight_smile: . For now you can just make CTRL + Z :wink: this works so that you don’t lose all

You can always hack into the addon and get the node groups for the FX. Just unzip the addon, and append the node groups into your projects. This is a little inconvenient for now but it’s a very new addon so it’s bound to be buggy for a little while :stuck_out_tongue: