Real Time Animation - now free

Hi everyone, here’s an addon called “Real Time Animation”. It lets you create animations by moving objects and recording their motion. The addon is now free and open source under the MIT license, you can get it at and the manual is at Below video shows the first version of the addon, more features were added since then.

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This addon for Blender lets you move objects and bones around in the viewport and record their motion as keyframes. The time slider automatically advances and keyframes are inserted (at frequencies that you set) when you move the objects, the addon pauses itself when you are not moving the objects. This can be used to create an animation directly, by animating in real time or in slow motion. It can also be used to create a sketch for your animation.

For animation cleanup, there are buttons that let you use the time slider to select/deselect/delete keyframes for location, rotation, and scale. This lets you swipe the time slider over ranges of keyframes to quickly select/deselect/delete them while viewing the animation at the same time. The purpose of selecting ranges of keyframes is so that you can do various adjustments on them.

Smooth Follow makes an object follow your mouse pointer in a smooth trajectory. This motion can also be recorded.

The addon also has buttons for duplicating the previous and next keyframe for location, rotation, and scale, and a button for displaying information about keyframes under the time slider.


Thanks for including it in the update. I was glad to support the original project, but now I’m even gladder… Is that a word?

Yeah, close enough to be a word. Thanks for supporting!

that’s really useful! Im buying it for sure!

Glad you like it

is there any video / youtube demo

Just bought it, I haven’t really played with it, but it seems really cool! Thank’s for the addon, kinds of reminds me the motion sketch in After Effects, which is awesome.

WOOW! just woow, exactly what i was expecting a long time ago (none plug-in in max, maya can do this, now imagine combine this with motion trails and you have the 3d app killer for animate), I immediately bought it.

Hmm, an animation tool that has only a picture and no video is kinda like trying to describe a picture in great detail with only a few sentences.

I think you’ll find greater interest if you take the time to create a video of how to use it and it’s ease of use. This will give people a better idea of what they can expect.

Just bought it…and its pretty cool…

We are working on that right now.

Also please refer to the manual if you need help with the addon:

Just tested the trial version, and sincerely, it stopped working before I was actually able to test it properly… however seems like a really good idea for animation. Also, the movement seemed to me not well synced with my actions, compared to the animation recording feature which is built in…

I usually do something like this pressing “automatic keyframe insertion” (red button on timeline), then alt-a, and then “g” ( or “r”, or “s”).
In the times before tracker i put a movie in background, change frame rate to 1fps and i can manually track elements easyly.

(sorry for my english)

Ah, thank you, long time I wait for something like this.
(There was a primitive version in older version of Blender.)

The trial version shuts itself off after a while, you can re-install it to make it work again. If the addon seems to be lagging, try restarting Blender or setting the “Pause” to something low (0 for max speed). Since this is an addon, it might not run as fast as built-in Blender features, but it should still work fast on a decent CPU. The point of the addon is to give you lots of control - recording happens only when you move objects, time goes at a rate that you set (slow motion for example), and keyframes also are inserted at a rate that you set (so you can skip shaky motions in between if you want, etc).

Hi guys, we’ve uploaded a demo video for the addon and there’s also an update available. Let us know what you think.

Hello, a few days ago I bought your add on but now I can’t enter to the update site, whats going on? (I have user name as: user and password: well a sequence of 1 letter and numbers)

Oops, forgot about that. Get rid of the first letter and the password should work.

purchased … thankyuo for useful script!!!

You’re welcome!