Real Time Animation - now free

Working with 2.9 ?

Yes , and also on 2.91

That’s a nifty addon. So much to play with. So little time.


Neat. I know you won’t since it’s just an update, but this is definitely an addon that has some incredible potential and would love update on it.

Propose your ideas, you never know, if I or another dev takes up the gauntlet…
I have always believed that the most important thing is the ideas, and for that it is not necessary to know how to program…

thanx i animated the zigzaggi path of a butterfly , with a few trys it was looking nice! with animation curves this would have been a real headache

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This apparently was a feature in an older version of Blender, as Gleb Alexandrov demonstrated it in his video on Youtube “Automatic Keyframe animation in realtime”.

Press the record button and ALT-A and then Blender would record all the object movements. Unfortunately, on 2.91 this does not work.