Hi again! Created this little character today! Took a few hours. Used a personal drawing as reference. I’m super happy with the result! :smiley:

Rendered at 400 samples with Cycles, Denoiser enabled. (I just love this function!)


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I love the production. Very emotive render.
Beautifull lighting

Could you perhaps share your used material?

I like a lot his expression :slight_smile: Really well done!

Awesome. Do more with it.

Thanks guys! :smiley:

The materials as requested: (BTW the principled shader is great!)


I painted a map with vertex paint for the red color in his skin.


The same shader as Andrew Price creates here. It’s very nice!


Just played around with some procedural noise.


As you can see, none of these materials are that advanced and they still look pretty good! I’m amazed by how easy it is to create skin with the new principled shader!

That plane above the mesh was the only source of light?

No actually, there are two light sources. The big plane behind him is the rim light and the plane above him the main light! The background and post-processing were done in Krita!

Lovely! I’ve seen some of your renders here and I always love how creative they are.

Thanks, man! It’s encouraging to hear!

Perfect character for just a few hours. It would take a few months in my case. :smiley:

Amazing and creative

Beautifully done. I love this character and expression. So many thoughts come to mind of what his realisation must be! And now I want to try vertex paint. Thank you for sharing!!

Thanks, guys! :smiley: Anyone who has tried vertex paint, and perhaps used it a little more extensively?

this is impressev, nice work, the hair is the hardest part ever, you made yours very cool

The mesh was pure sculpting or you modeled something at first?

I left it as a sculpt, the shirt and eyes etc. are meshes. I used a subdivided cube for the base of the head!

Damn, it sure looks nice. Do you use a PC and a mouse to sculpt? Or some fancy tablet or something to make the process easier? I’ve watched some tutorials on sculpting but couldn’t really make some cool. Is there any course or anything specific that you can redirect me to to learn stuff about sculpting in Blender?