Realistic Natalie Portman Head Study

Personal project in which I tried to create a realistic digital 3d portrait. My main goal was to create a decent 3d model and an accurate skin shader. I started this project a long time ago and I have learned many things since then. I painted everything by hand because I wanted to study the texture maps I saw online and not just put them on my model. I used as reference the texture maps from Digital Emily Project and I used hdri maps from I am going to continue this project and improve things (hair, shirt, skin etc.) but that’s it for now. I used Blender and Krita. I hope you like it!


Woah! I saw this on Artstation, had no idea it was done in Blender.

can you offer any insight on how you made the diffuse texture map? I’m creating a character atm, and am currently creating a skin diffuse texture. Any tips would be appreciated!

Hi! I have to know what character you are creating. Is it a realistic character?
(sorry for my English)

Somewhat realistic, yes.

For the diffuse I relied heavily on textures provided by Digital Emily Project.
I think the most important is how you set up your shader. The scatter amount is crucial and also if your character is a human, It must have accurate measurements (set blender units to cm). Tomorrow I will give you more information! Thank you for asking!


Amazing. Is the base head sculpted from photos? This should definitely go top row

Just incredible…please tell how this was done!
2nd vote for top row.

Hi! Yes I used reference photos from the internet.

Thank you, I am working on it. Basically I sculpted the base mesh from reference photos and I painted the bump and the albedo map by hand.

Hi! I hope this helps.


Very Helpful! Could you possibly post your node setup for your eyes? Not completely happy with my own at the moment.

This is absolutely fantastic work. At the moment the face is much more detailed than the neck and the shirt. Therefore the neck and the shirt read as CG and do take a bit away from the realism. The face is wonderfully done. This could easily pass as a photo.

Thank you very much. I totally agree with you.

Awesome work! :slight_smile:

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Hi Kevin,
Just a tip you may want to try out on the image used to render face.
Do you know anything about “Frequency Separation” adjustments for photos?
This may soften the face image being used to render, but still leave detail to skin.
This has to be done manually in Photoshop, see links below.

If you happen to use Affinity Photo, it has a “Frequency Separation” tool built into it to do this type of adjustment.
I have tips/tricks links for usage also. Let me know if you need them.

Hope this may help a bit.
Again, awesome work!

This is brilliant, Kevin. Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for the tip!

Thank you very much!

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome, thank you very much!

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