Realistic skin

Hey there,
I would like to create a realistic character and I am looking for a tutorial which covers the making of realistic skin. It can be a free or paying tutorial, I don’t mind. Would you have any good recommendations ?
Thanks for your time !


This video is Blender specific, and is quite useful

I’d also check out this video. It’s in substance, but the general ideas in it can be transferred over. There is a whole bunch of useful info here!

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Thanks !
I will check them out.

Don’t solve it so quickly…
Here a video

And this thread on blender artist is golden… This guy doing these characters is an expert at realistic rigging and materials…
Don’t know how to quote a thread so here is the link: Human Progress

Thanks !
Do you know if the guy you linked at the end has a YouTube channel or anything else where he explains the full process ?

He has one but he is not doing any tutorials… He said making tutorials takes too much time…
He only got the videos there…
Here is a fun video from him on his channel:

But if you have questions you can ask him on that thread he is quite kind and will answer… But you can also poke him to do tutorials…