Red Lake

Hello Guys, I’ve got another completed project I call “Red Lake” Lots of work with dupliverts and the sappling add-on. Rendered in 4k but could only upload 2k due to file size restriction. Textures from cgtextures all blender 2.59 BI. I was going for realism in an unreal setting:) Approximately 150 million faces rendered in approximately 20 min. A little Gimp color correction and adjustments. I took some of the critique comments and brightend the scene a bit and increased saturation and added the birds in the sky. The birds I think add some additional realism and depth. Let me know what you think.

Full size render

very well done! love the scenery

Nice. Stunning at full size (even if that is only half the true full size).

Only comments I would make:

  1. that I think the house would look better if it was less green. Needs more stone color
  2. the lake shore - looks like the grass keeps growing right down under the water
  3. some trees are quite close to the edge which might be a little unlikely unless this lake is flooded?

Nice work. Here’s a suggestion though:
The trees and the house clearly have the light coming from the left. In combination with the vignette, the sky suggest the light coming from somewhere behind the trees… I think you could improve by either removing the vignette (since blenderguru’s tutorials everyone uses a vignette, but I think not every image need one - a landscape image being one of them) or by changing the light direction or by tweaking the sky-image.



  1. there is no connection between anything, the trees do not seem to have any connection with the ground same with the grass and the grass in the water
  2. the house indeed has diffewrent lighting then the rest and dosn’t seem to fit in well
  3. the house is too clean and straight lines and crisp with some pretty bad aliasing
  4. the sky is very poor quality, need to find a better image, better off taking one yourself
  5. there is nothing of interest on the lake, its just a big empty space and ripples do not count as detail as they are all similar with nothing to break up the monoteny
  6. the red leaves have no texture and are too clean and bland with noting interesting at all

even with all these its pretty nice and very good idea with nice lighting and i can see it took alot of work, that deserves appreciation o its own, just need to take yourself just a little bit furthur and it would be fantastic

Thanks guys,
Overall it sounds like you guys liked it:), but you have found a few issues that I do agree with… and a few that I would like to explain. For starters, the grass in the water I know seems unlikely but is actually quite common around lakes near a river. The water tends to move up and down on a regular basis, my family has a small cabin on lake. Next the sky was an issue for me from the begining because I knew I wanted the light to come from the far left but as you can imagine no one takes a picture of the oposite side of a sunset, I searched the internet extensively:) I found the sky texture you see and it had all the right coloring so I went with it. I think I’m going to make a habit of taking pictures of nice skies in all directions if possible.

As far as the disconnect between everything I’m not sure I understand. Do the objects not appear to flow with each other or do they not have the right coloring to make sense?

Also in regards to the aliasing, I’ve been have some issues with that eventhough the anti-aliasing is on 16 and full. Is there some other setting in Blender 2.59 I’m missing?

I agree that the vingnette may be a bit much and make the light apprear to be comming more from the center then the far left. I guess I didnt think about that before:)

At any rate I apprecieate the critiques, please keep’em comming.

@ mfoxdog

Tweak the contrast setting on your screen. Then look again.

  1. I happen to see a very definite connection between the trees and the ground.
  2. The lighting on the house looks fine to me.
  3. The sky background looks fine too.
  4. The colours on the lake are very interesting to look at. you should be able to see them after youv’e tweaked the contrast on your screen.
  5. How did you see the leaves?? they are too far away to make out any textures really.

This shot has a slightly painterly feel to it … the depth seems “slightly flattened, somehow” from the left hand to the right.

The lighting is subdued, the tonal ranges feel slightly compressed … like paint. Like a trompe de oire painting. Some of the treatment, particularly of the riverbank in front of the house, is decidedly like the technique of a painter, to the extent that it becomes quite plausibly “the artist’s intent.”

And-d-d-d-d… I actually like that, very much. “Could it be different?” Of course it could. And in so doing it would become “a different but equally valid interpretation.” But I think you’d be making a mistake to say to yourself, “this is ‘wrong,’ and so I am now going to ‘(fix | improve)’ it.”

I would encourage you, then, as you (inevitably…) continue to “tweak” the shot, that you first set-aside a copy of this one, exactly the way that it is now, and that the whole thing be moved, forthwith, to The Gallery.

I personally love to see digital renders that look like artwork in other media.

Great inspiration, I am just working on a lakeside house image myself, good to see the results that can be achieved with sapling and BI. I love the depth of the image and the colors, works great!

Wow! I think this is an amazing piece of artwork. It just looks like a painting. Very nice!

this cool. it all most looks like an old oil painting

Thanks everyone, the comments are great:)
@sundialsvc4 - I think you hit the nail on the head, I’ve decided to keep the piece the same:) Speaking for my self, when time and effort is trully spent on a project the results show completion. I know many are new to Blender or just learning, but the best piece of advice I could give is to put in the work and the product will shine in its own way! Some times like many of us I get excited to put a piece out and sacrifice the time and it really shows. Patience is a virtue!

Thanks again, and hopefully I’ll have some new stuff to put up soon!

Wonderful!! I love this very much. Great job! I also love how you caught the feel of paint in the scene.

You did a great job on this piece! I love the red tinge that the entire scene has, as well as how well the clouds integrate into the render (I’m assuming it’s a texture). The trees and buildings were also modelled very well.

Thanks Guys!
I’m almost to a 1000 views, I’m pretty proud of this piece. It is one of my favorite completed projects from begining to end:)

@JayDez - Yep the sky is an image but it really worked with my vision of the sceen nicely. I hope to create my own sky with volumetric clouds on my next project…so much to do and so little time {augh} the life of a Blender-head:)

Beautiful scene. I really don’t have anything to add beyond what has already been said.

Absolutely stunning.

cool shot man! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I finally broke 1000 views on one of my renders:) I apprecieate the great comments!

Well I have nothing else to say than:That looks excellent!Hope this comes to the gallery:)