Redshift and Cinema4D Apple Metal version at C4DLive

Beginning Monday, April 20 Maxon will show:

Apple Metal Cinema4D version:
It is interesting how the performance of the Mac Metal version compares to the Linux/Win OpenGL version.

and probably also Redshift Metal version. The question is if there will be Blender Redshift plug-in (Mac Metal version?):

There were rumors that Maxon (Redshift) and Otoy (Octane X) are waiting for proper graphic drivers in macOS:

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An Apple Metal viewport is going to make no difference to C4D’s abysmal object handling which is the main performance bottleneck. Metal or OpenGL C4D will turn any viewport graphics API into thick molasses.

Metal and Vulkan will bring performance over OpenGL only when the OpenGL driver is the bottleneck.

C4D’s viewport is one of the worst, in fact I can’t think of a worse viewport in contemporary 3d DCCs so I would temper any excitement about Metal making a tangible difference to the end user as far as the viewport is concerned.

If indeed the viewport in Cinema4D is so tragic, it would be extremely stupid not to take advantage of the situation when you have to rewrite it to the new API.

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Dream on, Maxon can’t develop their way out of a wet brown paper bag.

The viewport in C4D is the most tragic of tragic viewports in both aesthetics and performance.

Again, even if Maxon fixed the object management bottleneck there would be no performance improvement over OpenGL other than the fact that Metal drivers may be better than the god awful MacOS OpenGL drivers. The bottlenecks in DCCs are CPU bound tasks not in the GPU driver.


Relax weirdo. You clearly have a hard-on for hating anything Apple. Your opinion will NEVER be viable or matter to anyone Apple because of your borderline fetish for hating Apple. Next time try to just share an unbiased opinion…unfortunately, it’s already clear how you feel about the company heavily impacts your inability to see rationally. Don’t bother replying, or reply…it really doesn’t matter, as I’ve told you.

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LOL child,

I can’t wait for all the Apple Metal stuff to be released, it will be a moment of great schadenfreude.

Metal Redshift is still a long way off, it’s slow and buggy right now well if you believe the Redshift devs…‘I’m afraid there’s not ETA yet. We want to iron out all known issues and performance bottlenecks before releasing. Otherwise you’ll get something that’s unstable or slow. Would such a release make you happy?

Not sounding great, Apple is doing the bulk of the development too…Let’s also ignore the fact Redshift Metal was planned for the release of the Mac Pro, tick tock…

Imagine running a GPU renderer and the latest GPU hardware your Mac platform offers is Vega GPUs…

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Vega GPU has plenty of calculation power but it’s not used.

Don’t go to Puget Systems and look at their comparison of the Mac Pro and PCs that are 1/5 and 1/4 the price in various benchmarks. Keep telling yourself Vega is great.

That’s what I’m saying. Vega should be much faster but it isn’t. It’s probably a driver issue. Metal might help it.

iPhone 11 is 1/6th of the speed of a 1080Ti in rendering.


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