Request: Geometry Nodes Camera Outline

Does anyone have a good idea of how to create some sort of selection that works like the Outline effect from Grease Pencil?

I’m not sure where to start, perhaps some of you smart people have an idea.

This is a bit limited in that it doesn’t do any obstruction testing, but it gets the edges at least:

Good luck.


Yo that was fast :sweat_smile: 1h2m, must be some kind of record

Let me try this out in my scene, I’ll get back to you when I have something :thinking:

I’ve been trying to to combine this with my voronoi islands tree material, to create little tree peaks.

Works better than expected, but not good enough yet. Shading is the biggest issue, as manually transferring normals is broken in both cycles and eevee since after 2.83

Maybe it’s worth picking this up a bit later, if I can get around the shading issues.

Otherwise, super cool technique to add a bit more depth to this terrain : )

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Huh, instead of shading the fins, I use refraction.

That seams to work a lot better :thinking:
Very nice fluffy contours

Those little green bits are slanting slightly backwards, causing them to refract what’s behind on the hill