Request: Sketchup (skp) import/export script


i like blender to have support for sketchup files, the skp file format. this would make it easier to import/export sketchup files especially when your using the free version of sketchup that don’t have other export file types except for the kmz (collada), which needs a little work to import. i’m posting this because i have seen modo have an skp importer so im thinking that it might as well be possible to have it supported in blender (not a programmer, thinking:yes:)


heres what i like to see in Blender

  • Loads .SKP SketchUp and SketchUp Pro files

*Technical Details
modo Import from Google SketchUp
Google SketchUp units and layers are maintained intact. All SketchUp material and texture properties are imported (except for texture alpha). All Polygon Faces created within SketchUp are imported into modo. Convex faces without holes are imported as-is, all other faces are triangulated upon import. Since all faces in SketchUp have a front and a back side material, all faces are imported as two polygons with their normals flipped (so different materials can be easily assigned to both sides). Edges not belonging to a polygon are imported as lines into modo.

Underlying Technology
The translator was built with file access technology supplied by Google and is provided in both PC and Mac versions for you to use with modo. For more information on Google SketchUp software, please visit

Found the SketchUp SDK, where you can find the SkpReader/SkpWriter C++ API. i think this is what you need to create a importer/exporter.




you can import and exprt as .dea

There exist a import from Kmz to blender. Doing a quick search, i found the link:

If you want to export from blender to skp, you can export your blend as .3ds file.

@ionee & lasphere

thanks for the replies, but i already know that you can use other formats to import/export sketchup files.

my request was a sketchup import/export script using the skp file type, much like what luxology modo did,

see the first post, i updated the first post.

I have to second the request for a .skp importer / exporter - at least for geometry and materials.

I realize that people think you can open a .dae file and export a .3ds file, but the fact is both methods are troublesome and only partially work.

I work at a game development studio where the designers use Sketchup and the artists use Max. I’ve been a proponent of incorporating Blender, but I can’t show an easy to use pipeline that is reliable. For my part, I’ve done a number of large terrains in blender and imported them into SketchUp as .3ds files (there is a face limited to this method which makes the pipeline only partially usable for the type of levels I used them in.)

Trying the method of unzipping .kmz files from SketchUp, then importing the .dae file has never worked for me (not once). I believe this is likely to be due to SketchUp creating newer versions of the .dae file than Blender can read, but I’m not sure.

but did you test the JM soler script to import from SKP?

if this does not owrl then may be someone should come up with a new import and even export between blender and google sketchup

Happy blendering

My script only import geometry and color from google earth 3.0 file format.

Sketchup’s kmz format is a zipped collada file and there is already an importer for that. We have just to rename and unzip the file before. An very easy thing to add to current python importer.

I’d third the skp motion. It’s much more convenient to be able to import sketchup files directly, and the professional world itself always looking for convenience. Being a sketchup user myself, I’d like to see some compatibility too.

am I wrong or does jms just give the process ?
read the post just below yours.

Importing as collada, components are translated as only empties, no mesh information imported.
OBJ importer works great but don’t import has instances information, it imports every mesh as independent.
Any other import format with instances support?

skp to blend right now is very troublesome. For instance, try to export a camera from Sketchup to Blender. It isn’t possible, even with SU Pro where you can export to 3ds, dae, dxf/dwg, obj (doesn’t export camera data anyhow), …

If it isn’t possible to import a simple 3ds from SU to Blender, then we need to do some work fast. And the best solution would be that Blender can import skp files

Not so. This happens only if the groups/components are only edges. Once you add faces inside, everything comes fine (almost).Also this problem is supposed to have been solved in the latest update (7.1) The only problem I’ve had was that everything seemed to be parented to an empty at loc0; I had to spend the first 15 mins after importing in unparenting much of the stuff.

(And, just in case you’re worried about the 7.1 update breaking DWG/DXF import, rest assured that there’s a utility that will allow you to do that - available on the download page, through a link. Only till the next version though :wink: )

Edit: Also Sketchup is promising a much better DAE import/export in future - as is Blender.
Not to say that a skp plugin wouldn’t be very welcome.

Luxology/modo does NOT support SketchUp on the last release, They are going full on COLLADA instead.

I wish BLENDER had an official COLLADA support :frowning:

It does. Collada support was part of the 09 GSOC. The project provides import / export functionality using the OpenCollada lib. (which it the defacto library for propper collada support)

It is being merged into the 2.5 code. There are graphicall builds of it if you want to test it out before it’s officially released as part of 2.5.

Thanks FishB8 that’s great news, I have now downloaded the 2.5 collada, it seams very promising…Congratulations to every one involved :slight_smile:

Collada for the win, seriously, as the artist,
we should support it as best we can,
in the long run, it will only benefit us all.

INDEED there is a big time movement on collada among all sort of commercial apps.
here some new adapters.

a)newtek/lightwave it seems is under overhauling, from what I hear even their file format is gonna be some short of collada breed…

b) dassault solidworks & 3DVIA

c) SketchUP

d) Modo


Collada is here to stay and it seems all efforts go to COLLADA & FBX…so yes we must support COLLADA :wink:

Another issue guys! I think it’s important for Blender Artists to feature our work inside Google’s 3D warehouse. The easiest way to upload content into their fake 3D gadget is via SketchUp. So we need to be able to directly export .blend models to SketchUp because the easiest way to import a 3D UV mapped file into SketchUp right now is to use .3ds… Which I assume is not the best way for us :I

I’m using Blender 2.49b and when I try and import a .dae file from Sketchup 7 It loads then hangs forever on “Creating Blender Nodes” … Anyone got a fix?


I’d say DAE. If now now, then in the near future - considering all the development going on there.

Are you using the dae 1.4 importer (With Main scene only & New Scene enabled). Or, perhaps better, the new 2.5 patches with the GSoC Collada importers.
Can you post the file (partial) here?
If size is the problem, one workaround would be to export it in bits. Delete half, export, undo, repeat with the other half in new file. Then append the old scene with the new one. AFAIK Blender will respect the object positions - so you don’t have to move them after re-importing.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: