Requesting a plugin! Something similiar to CG-Source FloorGenerator

This plugin is a huge time-saver and staple for Archvis projects in Max. I can’t seem to find anything recent for Blender that actually competes with this. If one of you genius Python developers make something like this a reality, I think you’ll make quite a bit of cash on sales. I’d happily pay $40-$60 for this.

Anyone with me here?


Here is what I found: [Addon] Parquet | Floor generator

@ xan2622 I did see that project earlier, but the last comment in the thread mentions it’s not compatible with 2.83 + unfortunately.

@ swathi I have not seen JARCH before, this looks extremely promising! Going to check it out soon - thanks for the link!

You could ask the author of the add-on to update it for Blender 2.91, on his thread and on his Github repository.

Hi, I’m the developer of the plancher addon, I’ve just received notifications from this thread.
For bleander 2.8+, you should try this version :
Notice that this is a very old and messy addon. Somebody try to explain how to use it in this video :

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Got it, it’s better than nothing! Thanks for developing it - I’m going to give it a try later today.