Retargeting mocap data to Fk rig?

so I got a Rokoko Mocap suit a few weeks ago and wanted to try it out I did the whole process of putting a model in Mixamo, rig it, and port the mocap data to the rig in blender and that’s all fine and dandy. but I mostly use game-ready characters that already have an armature and bringing it to Mixamo takes away the face rig and any other extra features that I would like to keep or in some cases if the model is wearing something heavy like a trench coat, Mixamo does not read the mesh correctly.

I’ll use Fortnite models as an example because most of their animations and trailer are done with the game models themselves and they use mocap for most of them. here is one with the raw fk rig from the game files

how would I go about retargeting Rokoko animations to this model? and keeping all the face and extra bones intake? if anyone knows how or any resources to how I can do it please let me know. thank you :slight_smile:

try this addon

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@anas 's suggestion is probably far better than this, but worst case scenario, you can bring in your mixamo animation, and animate your IK rig to match it manually.

you can retarget fk animation to ik using this trick (on minute 19:53)

you can do that in blender, just need couple bone control to do that