Rigacar to generate rig for cars

(davidg) #42

I have just uploaded part 3 of the series of my videotutorials.
This one is about animating along a path and also how to generate animation for the wheels and how to use ground sensors.

let’s start animate!

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(davidg) #43

I have released Rigacar 3.1
Nothing really new in this minor release. I have backported Rigacar for Blender 2.76.
So now, Rigacar works nicely for Blender v2.76, v2.77, v2.78 and v2.79
I did this because someone asked me for on youtube.
I also have a dev branch for Blender 2.80 but it is broken right now because Blender developers have changed slightly the Python API. But Rigacar will be ready and stable for Blender 2.80 when it will enter in beta phase.

(davidg) #44

Part 4 of my series of videotutorials is now online :slight_smile:

A short video to show you how you can make your car skid with Rigacar by animating the brakes.

hope it will be helpful.

(Blendyboy) #45

I noticed something when I tried out the newest version of the add-on. I can’t seem to see the ground sensors. Were they removed?

(davidg) #46

No they are still here once you generate the final animation rig. Check you haven’t disabled layer 4 on your armature.

(Blendyboy) #47

Sorry, I mean to specify that it was the sensors for the front and rear axles that weren’t showing up. But I managed to get them to work the second time I tried to rig a car up.

(Kouza Nagi) #48

Hi, Bravo :slight_smile:

Any news on 2.8 versions ??
Does it work fully with 2.8 Beta ?

Congrat for your hard work…

(davidg) #49

Yes it does.
You can download it here.
There is no official release yet because Blender 2.8 is not entirely stable and especially the baking for the animation. So you may have issues when you want to bake wheels animation. I haven’t tested the latest builds since a couple of weeks.

(davidg) #50

Rigacar v4.0 is available… for Blender 2.7x and Blender 2.80 beta.

Please remember Blender 2.80 beta is beta. So you could have weird issues. I created the release from the latest build and I cannot guarantee it will work on the next one. I maintain regularly the blender 2.80 dev branch for my add-on. So don’t hesitate to report any issue.

Take a look at the online documentation, it is also updated


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(6eye) #51

When I applied rigid body physics it’s not working at all 2.8…the car is rigged in 2.79

(davidg) #52

Sorry not very familiar with rigid body… and I am pretty sure it is not yet stable in blender 2.80. Have you tried in Blender 2.79? I don’t know what you want to achieve. Rigacar is designed for animation while rigid body is for simulation. If you get some interested results please share.

(Talha Dar) #53

So I tried rigging but my tires dont spin. The rig seems to work fine but tires dont spin. Any idea? Im using 2.79b

(Bryan) #54

I have no problem with Rigacar in 2.79b, first you insert the Armature, then Generate the Rig, Attach to a Path, then BAKE both the Wheels Spinning, along with front Wheels Turning. On occasions, I would get an error message during the Bake process, I would just delete the rig, and re-insert it.

(Talha Dar) #55

How do you bake the wheels?

(Bryan) #56

Once the rig is created, hit the N key (properties) to bring up the menu bar, and at the very bottom is the Car Rig options… BAKE.

(Zachary Struhs) #57

Hi, Love your add-on and thank you very much!

I’m having some trouble with 2.8 and wondering if its just me. Whenever I enable the ground sensors the vehicle is raised above the ground and floats along. It still reacts to the ground’s surface but does not come into contact with it. I tried it again with the test blend file but got the same result. Just wondering if its a 2.8 thing or something I’ve missed. Thanks. Ive attached the blend I’m using (Blender 2.8 24th April build)

bmw27_with_rig.blend.zip (4.7 MB)

(davidg) #58

To fix your issue, apply scale on the ground mesh (in your file the scale is 3.246 for this object).
To be more specific, ground sensors use shrinkwrap constraint to project the bone to the ground. But there is some distance between the bone and the ground because the bone is located at the center of the wheel. On the model, the distance is 0.471 (the radius of the wheel). Thanks to you, I discovered Blender multiplies this value by the scale of the ground object. So in your case 0.471 * 3.246… and the model turns out to be a landspeeder !

(Zachary Struhs) #59

Gee thanks! That’s something that I forget to do all the time. Thanks very much.