Rigify Animbox | Animation

“Rigify Animbox” is a new Version of “Quick Pose-Flip” addon.

Briefly about the Features:

Automatic Walk / Run Cycle for differently sized Rigs. ( Rigify )
Mirror Tools.
Cycle Creator.
Tools for Selection, Keying, Resetting. ( Partially Rigify )
IK - FK Switch for Arms. ( Rigify )
Jump / Turns Setup. ( Rigify )
Motion Path.
Object / Multiple Objects to Bone. ( Selected by Name - Rigify )
Bake Animation from Parent / Constraint. (Object)
Offset Keyframes. (Object)


amazing addon…i didn’t know that animation is this much painful…thanx for making this addon and simplifying the process…plz have a look at maya’s animbot addon for more ideas


Thank You !
Yeah, Animbot… That’s a very good suggestion :slight_smile:

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Amazing stuff! Thank you!

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on youtube the Lollipop Man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOwdiHCPz00 has done a video on an aimbot alternative for Blender 2.8


amazing addon…

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New version - faster and easier.
Now by Pose Mirroring, ONLY ONE (Left or Right) Side need to be selected.

Thanks for this, very useful.

I’m having trouble assigning shortcuts for the buttons. If I assign, for example, F5 to the FLIP ALL button, nothing happens when I press F5.

I use other addon-ons which assigned shortcuts work with, so I’m not sure if this is something that can be changed by you?

Thanks anyway!

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No he hasn’t. He’s just illustrating Blender’s native functions and asking if you really need AnimBot. Did you watch the video?


Hi Ross,

“FLIP ALL” contains the following:

1: Select All - shortcut ‘A’
2: Copy Pose - shortcut ‘Ctrl+C’
3: Paste X-flipped Pose - shortcut ‘Shift+Ctrl+V’
4: Insert keys for Location-Rotation-Scale - shortcut ‘I’
5: Deselect All - shortcut ‘Alt+A’

just trying to make it shorter…

And Welcome to the Community !!!

Thanks for the reply.

The option is already there, when you right click a button, to “Assign Shortcut”, it just isn’t working currently. I was just wondering if there’s some kind of extra step in the coding that has to be taken for an add-on to take advantage of this functionality.

Thank you for the add-on!

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thank you. I’m look to one future promissing

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Magic Walk - ONE CLICK Walk Cycle for Rigify Human (Meta-rig).

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Does it need every bone, or just the limbs? I mean, the head, and breasts aren’t needed, right?

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You are right !
There is no need for full Human Meta-Rig.

The Rig can be generated from only a small amount of Rigify samples:
“spines.basic_spine”, “limbs.leg”, “limbs.arm”

And Names:

“torso”, “chest”, “upper_arm_fk.L”, “upper_arm_fk.R”
“foot_ik.L”, “foot_ik.R”, “foot_heel_ik.L”, “foot_heel_ik.R”

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Thanks a lot!

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Here is the description of the video: “In this video we’ll do an extensive view of Animbot (www.animbot.ca) and look at trying to find most of the equivalent tools existing in blender 2.8 and blender 2.8”. So did you watch the whole video? Especially at the end when he says that all the features of Animbot can be found in blender 2.8.x but most are hidden in settings or menus, and you would have to dig for them and learn with blender docs about the same features present in blender that are basically in Animbot.

Wow thanks for that :slight_smile:

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New :


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