Rigify weights doesn’t work

Hello. I’m trying to rigify the model with rigify addon. I’ve made an armature adding it with addon and adjusting after. Then I press “generate rig”. Addon generates rig. Then I parent rig with model by ctrl+p->with automatic weights. After that some parts of rig seems connected to model, but some are not (see images). I’ve tried this solution but it didn’t work Rigify doesn't work. I need some ideas and help please.


See PM message I sent you. Best to post a blend. http://pasteall.org/blend/ You can use this one. Post back with URL

Thanks for your reply. I’ve sent you a link in PM. Also I don’t quite understand the difference between FK bone or IK and how to switch between them. Does it refers to Rigify layer names?

I assume you are using 2.79B version. If not then 2.8 version could be an entirely different issue.

I’ve forgot to mention, I’m using Blender 2.8.