RIP - Freedom Speech in Brazil

In Brazil the Freedom of Speech has died when a man called Alexandre de Moraes thinks he can block the most voted congressman to use Twitter to talk with their voters.
This is just one of more them 20 cases of abuse and censorship… God bless Brazil.

Made in Blender 3.3 with Cycles, the grass is from Scatter 5.

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If your freedom of speech is metered out by a private company, is it really free?

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What you call “freedom of speech”…

I call “freedom to spread lies, hatred and disinformation”

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I do wonder though, does your country have freedom of speech enshrined in its constitution (as in, written down and not just implied)?

Historical precedent (in the global sense) would suggest it would not be the case, but I have not read Brazil’s official documents. Sadly, the freedom you talk about is more of an aberration than the norm as far as human history is concerned.

As for the image, the somber tone (with the grey lighting and wilting trees) seems spot on, I wonder what the flags of the other countries are for.

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HI Ace Dragon,

The Brazilian constitution says in article V, paragraphs IV and IX that expression is free. The same constitution provides for processes for judicialization if someone feels offended by someone else’s speech in terms of slander and defamation. However, recently we can see the emergence of prior censorship in Brazilian channels and journalists, the Supreme Court prohibiting newspapers from talking about Lula’s relationship with Maduro (Venezuelan dictator) or with the Nicaraguan dictator.
In addition, the 2022 electoral process presented some points worthy of being questioned, as they provoke suspicion of the ideonity of the electoral process.
Please, take a look at this link, in it you will find some files of a private audit of the results of the polls.
Tomorrow (Nov. 9) the Brasilian Armed Force (inclues army, navy and aero) will publish a report of possible frauds in the election process.

I also send the link of the Brazilian Constitution.

On the other flags, these are countries that have already buried their right to free expression, such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Egypt, Cuba, North Korea, etc.

Don’t just stop with what I tell you, please research more on the subject. Search for Nikolas Ferreira (the most voted congressman), Jovem Pan, Augusto Nunes, Ana Paula Henkel, Fiuza, Rodrigo Constantino, Paulo Figueiredo…

Constituicao Brasileira

Thank you for your attention and for taking the time to comment.

Great answer

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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