Rolling Blender Splash screen.

Seeing all the incredibly nice splashes the Blender community always come
up with no matter how short the deadline is - gave me an idea

Would you like a rolling splash function that present you with a different
splash each time you opened Blender? (A selection of very good ones of

Of course … the idea is to change the whole lot of splashes with each
release…but not just ONE…but MANY new ones!

For example…a set of 10 new splashes that randomly gets selected when
you start up Blender. Just to “inspire” us before we work :slight_smile:

Or maybe the orange teaser as a splash movie? That would be teh awsome.


I don’t think this is a good idea. More system load, no use. I think there is inspiration everywhere, no need to get it from a splash screen.

That’s a cool idea, but it probably violates the “keep it thin” ethos of the Blender binaries.

What would be (not quite as) cool is to just have an alternate splash accessible via easter egg on startup, like Photoshop.

I vote for spartanian appearance. keep easter eggs and bugs away please.

Well, could be neat. But I’m not voting for it. Ideal software neither has nor needs splash screens of any sort. (and of all 3D soft I know Blender is the nearest to that instant-startup ideal.) Also do not forget that splash doubles as an “about” window.

I’d rather there just be one splash screen…heightens the tension in the splash competition… :wink: 8)


This can’t happen, would definately increase the binary size of Blender by too much.


There are really no such thing as “can’t”. Blender is everything about - CAN DO things.

Compressed - 10 images would fill about 200 kb, so I doubt that’d be the

Blender is not a commercial piece of software - even though the quality
is top-notch. We have the worlds best community, and the idea was just
sort of “reflecting” this, so to speak. :wink:

Personnally i don’t want it. :slight_smile:

Damn, blender is a tool, not a slideshow.
Moreover a tool starting in 1 second.
Make you your own “splashscreensaver” or compile blender with your prefered picture if you want but stop suggest anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Please you could just USE Blender by making pictures* rather than to suggest useless stuff.

Don’t be offenced buddy but you have forgotten fundamentals, i know you are all a bit over-excited by the evolution of Blender but calm down, it is a software not a tendency toy.

Best regards

*i should think it was created in this end, isn’t it?

Like the 2.13 splash. :slight_smile:


I think it is a cool idea myself. I say go for it.


Well, it’s a contest now and I won’t settle for runner up!

Before you go Kansas_15 on me, that was irony.

I think having one consistent splash makes it easier to recognise the version I’m in. Yes, I could look at the number at the top but I have a few Blender versions on my machine and I don’t want to by some freak accident save over my new files with ones made using an older version of Blender. With one splash identifying each version, it alerts me as to whether or not I’m doing something stupid.

It also makes it much harder to decide whose work will be included. Having to pick 10 images IMO is harder than picking 1. Anyway, can’t you do it yourself by just manually replacing the bundled splash screen? You could write some sort of program or script to run in the background like a cron script to change the splash with a random image and that way you can pick your own splash screens.

And can people please stop mentioning kansas_15? You’re just giving that name recognition it doesn’t deserve. Why do you think Crazy Frog is everywhere now? If everyone had ignored it in the first place, it wouldn’t plague mankind like it does now.

200kb is still like 5%, that ios ALOT


Make blender connect to a splash screen database and download the splash of the day :wink:

Ok, I know it is silly :stuck_out_tongue:


One splash screen …

(1) to clearly identify the release.
(2) to limit downloads, size, etc.

I prefer one splash screen - keeps down the file size and is a good identifier.

how come most comments favor one splash but poll bars show different ?



Classic… The Naysayer’s voices are always the loudest (people against
scream loudest), why that is…is something left for us to wonder about…

But it IS kind of interesting to read people’s thoughts about this.
For now - the odd’s are kind of even (an almost perfect split in
opinions, meaning that a lot of people like the idea…and an almost
equal amount of people are against it)…

…usually that leads to such an idea being scrapped, I’d hate to
disappoint 40% of the Blender user base. Better to leave things to
what they are if THAT many’d hate it.

Anyway - the vote are still 1-2 days young, I’ll leave it open for about
a week and then we’ll see. It’s just a vote on an idea…nothing more or less.

jay sayers agree with what you say,
nay sayers need to point out con sides, as you failed to do so. nothing todo with shouting.

I’m on the nay side:

  1. Blender is for creating 3d, not for being entertained.
  2. Why force people bigger downloads for total useless parts of the app?
  3. It’s not even a splash but spam. It shows the splashscreen AFTER it loaded the whole program that is then ready to roll.
  4. Why waiste developers valueble time on gadgets when there are tons of needed features not implemented?

200kb for 10 images is an insult to the people who made the images.
Apparently it’s not even important to show the creative sweat and tears at full quality.

Nice idea, community wise. Not so good idea professional tool wise.