ROSA // Short Film

Hi guys… probably most of You already know this Short Film, but I have a lot of questions about it. First, it’s a huge success, made by a single person (Jesus Orellana) an ilustrator from Spain. He says that he did it by himself in just a year. And, well, taking as reference “Sintel”, or “The 3th & the 7th”, or even “meet meline” the time he says it’s very short (just my impression)

And all the cinematics, characters and the atmosphere in general are fantastic… and I’m not sure that a single person could achieve that in just a year. And besides, I haven’t find any kind of pre production images (models, wireframes, or anything).

Anyway… does any of you know more about this?? or about the process or author.

If this is not the right place to create this thread, tell me… this is my first thread here, and sorry for my english.

the complete short film

I found an interview where he says he used blender and daz studio for the short film.

Interesting in terms of being a technical tour-de-force by a single person. However, I think it is disingenuous of Jesus to claim it had “no budget” (subsequently turned into “100 bucks” or “99 bucks” by several reviewers and equally disingenuous - and surely it should be euros). There is no such thing as “no budget” unless you stole the computer, electricity, accomodation, and food required during the making.

While I think it is technically brilliant it completely lacks in terms of plot. To find out what it’s about you have to visit his web site and read his synopsis - that isn’t good story telling at all. Especially for a short which, as far as I am aware, is supposed to give you the gist of the story in a short time frame. “Rosa” is an excellent example of style over substance.

While I’m sure he did produce the whole thing in a year by himself I would have to question whether he worked on this “every day” for a year - probably an exaggeration. I also wonder how he supported himself in that time? Is he independantly wealthy? If not, then I guess he didn’t work on it full time every day as claimed.

I was not aware of Daz Studio before, being so new to the 3D scene myself. Would anyone care to comment on what parts of “Rosa” they think are Blender and what are Daz? What would have been the workflow here?

Hi @cbnewham I can’t believe that a single person did it, take as reference another short films and the time to create them. Besides in the interview he says he learn by the process… how many of us can actually learn so much in just a year and make something like “Rosa”? (modelling, Rigging, UV unwrapping, Animating, Compositing, particle simulation and all the rest)
Too suspicious to my simple mind

Because he admitted (and others noticed) that he used DAZ studio, I think he could definitely have made this in a year. DAZ studio is like poser - it has pre-built characters that you can bring in, customize, and easily(?) animate, along with a lot of ready-made props that you can throw in. You can also buy extra characters and props. This could have sped his production by orders of magnitude.

Looked nice up to the 2 minute mark, all the quick cutting made me want to puke. I don’t get modern film making…

I think he could have done it in a year (assuming he did no other projects). From what I have read elsewhere, his use of Daz made it all possible because he didn’t have to make all the models (and textures?) himself and it speeded everything up considerably.

However, one always has to take things with caution. This:

is a lesson one should always remember when people claim they have produced miraculous work and there are no independant witnesses or supporting evidence.

Has he been seen on this forum? I would find it harder to believe if he just used tutorials on the Net and never asked any questions in forums. There are always specifics in any project where advice will be needed that cannot be obtained from books or videos - especially if you are a beginner.

I’ve just finished watching Rosa and I highly recommend it. It’s definitely one of the most interesting shorts I’ve seen lately.

In an interview the director said that he was not a skilled animator and tried to use cuts to make up for it but the animation seemed to be almost perfect. Models and textures were also great, and the visuals were simply stunning. I’m not sure if he used Blender for compositing -that’s not specified in the interview.

It’s truly beyond me how he managed to make it in a year but hats off if he actually did!

horrible short film… tipical bastard young killer heroes of the bastart technical civilization…

It would actually be easy to accomplish within a year. The majority of what he used was already premade: the characters and the backgrounds. Also, there is a ton of Motion Capture data on the internet (DAZ Studio has imports and plug-in for MoCap). And DAZ Studio is considerably easier to use than Blender. Basically, the workflow entails loading pre-made content, fitting it to the motion capture, animating it, and then doing your rendering and post-work.

Apart from using DAZ for the models and all that I see quite a lot of Endorphin animations in the movie, if he did use endorphin for the animations it would explain why it only took a year to make it.

Though does it really matter what he used to make it? The way I see it - it is the finished product that matters and I don’t think anyone here can look at it and honestly say that it was bad (well except for Endi who apparently is unable to appreciate anything but his own work)

You don’t go see Avatar and say it was bad because the backgrounds were matte paintings instead of real 3D elements, everyone cheat in all bit productions, if you don’t cheat in the CG world you are doing something wrong.

Yes Jesus probably cheated (lol), does that make the movie worse? No. Does it make him a failure as an artist? No.

looks nice but

I wish to know where’s the limit…
It’s like buying a DVD from Evermotion with a premade architectural scene, load it in 3dsmax, press render button, and voila… you are a 3D Artist?
Usually we can find some really great renders out there… “it looks very very nice” I think… but then I read that the whole scene was made with pre made models from that site, or the furniture was bought from those other sites … or the whole model was loaded from DAZ and the animation was just Motion Captured file…
Seriuously where is the limit to stop calling it art and start calling it “pre made 3D models downloaded form several sites and put together by me”

man that’s funny :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the Limit is there where you have to put (hard)work into it. To open up some pre made models and Render them is no work.

What’s that saying, “it’s not the tools, it’s the artist”?

Kind of funny that almost all the criticism is about the tools and very little discussion on the artistry involved.

…it’s like that hitchcock guy, all he really did is sit around and tell other people what to do.

I quite don’t understand the controversy over the choice of software and etc. It’s a great short so watch it and enjoy it. That’s all.

It must be very good art when he has this kind of response :wink:
But i am not an artist,i am just playing whit Blender and having a good time whit it
I kinda liked the short movie and i only wish that some day i can make something like this

Agreed. Rosa is a testimony to the growing array of low budget tools and resources which are currently out there, enabling the street level user to produce some real quality work and in a much “shorter” time frame than previously possible. For me, I find it inspiring as I’d like to do a series of similar vid;s, involving as minimal rendering as possible.

ROSA is quite a well done short film and i think he applied his knowledge as a graphic novel artist quite well (framing/camera, posing/acting and composing). In the Blendernation article about ROSA it says that he used mostly blender to modify the assets of DAZStudio. The animation and Rendering was done in DAZ. He said in the article that he studied martial arts Hong Kong movies for the fighting scenes and I think you can see that it’s hand animated and not motion captured.

B.t.w. the Render engine used in DAZ Studio is 3Delight (a Renderman renderer) and there is a plugin for blender for it from Matt Ebb.
Currently the basic DAZ Studio is free till 30.11. but it contains only a really limited set of assets and it somehow feels like one of the free to play games you can get in the internet, like it says its free to use but if you want to do more you have to buy stuff in their online shop but that’s only my first impression of DAZ Studio.

There is a lot of free stuff for Daz Studio and plus Daz themselves gives out tons of content for free almost on a weekly basis. It’s conceivable to get all the content you would ever need for free and not have to spend a dime. Plus there are several sites besides DAZ3D that give out content for free.

You just have to know where to look and be able to use the Google search engine.