Rotate an HDRI for Blender 2.8 -2.9x

Add-on for rotate the HDRI map using a hotkey. Works in Eevee and Cycles, you can use the HDRI from the Material Preview mode or operate with the nodes. Holding down the Ctrl + Alt + Left Mouse Button, move the mouse left or right for turn. Hotkey can be changed in the add-on settings.

How to use node setup.

Release Notes
Version 1.1


  • Seamless rotation.
  • Rotation speed settings.
  • Text color settings.

i hope you add support for 2.81

thank you for this addon

I also found a problem with rotation and the mapping node attributes in Blender 2.81. The z-rotation is changed from .rotation[2] in 2.80 to .inputs[2].default_value[2] in 2.81.

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I updated the addon, download the version for 2.81 on the gumroad page.


That’s bloody fantastic! It’s so simple, but so annoying not to have inbuilt in Blender.

Btw, why it stops at 180 degrees? Maybe there’s a way to seamlessly reset it to -180 and vise versa, so there will be not visible stumbling and user could spin the hell out of it?

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From the very beginning, I wanted to make a seamless rotation, but I didn’t succeed. In the future I will try to find a solution.

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+1 for the seamless rotation. I hope you find solution for this :slight_smile: great addon should be default blender behavior like it is in unreal, marmoset and substance painter.

edit: I was doodling with my new startup node setup and find out that somehow rotate hdri started to work with seamless rotation. I don’t know how or why but here’s my node setup for you to inspect.

Addon updated! Rotate an HDRI addon for Blender 2.8x


That’s absolutely fantastic! Thanks for your hard work!


Hi Mephist0, thanks for your addon.

Edit - nevermind about the “error” I got. Note to self (and others) - don’t change the addon’s folder name. :slight_smile:

@fiendish55 - the addon (prior to v1.1) seems to work the way you want (seamless rotation) if you create an hdri node setup for your world. I frequently use Blender’s included hdris to set up a custom node tree for the world, so that I can set a black background, but get the reflections from the hdri. Whenever I do that, I can rotate the environment as much as I want using the addon.

Well, now it works in all cases, so thanks again, Mephist0!

Glad to hear that!

Im using 2.82 version its not working with the ctrl+alt+left mouse. Addon install successfully.

Try changing the hotkey. If it doesn’t work, please let me know.

did not work

It doesn’t work in the Material Preview mode or when using nodes? Make sure the render engine is selected to Eevee or Cycles.

yes im in engine mode

If error messages don’t appear it is difficult to understand what is happening, I can suggest trying to install the addon on a completely clean profile.

I also confirmed this software does NOT work for Blender 2.82 and asked for a refund.

Hello! If you are working in Windows, try to run Blender as administrator then install the addon.

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