Rotating Orb

I decided to do a small animation project, but for reasons I don’t know, my chrome is coming out REALLY bad. I have had very good results on other meshes with the same material settings, but for some reason it comes out goofy when I apply the material to a slice from a sphere. All normals are facing the correct direction, and ‘auto smooth’ doesn’t seem to help. The picture renders with no artifacts when I use the blender default material. Shown render has no OSA, ray-tracing enabled, 90 percent quality.

[Edit] 2nd render has OSA 8, ray-tracing, 90 percent quality. Slightly modified center of orb.


Try removing doubles.

try increase the ray depth count under the amterial tab. (from 2 to 10)

Thanks Tynach, that got rid of the artifacts.


I would also do what mpan3 said if you havn’t done it already. It will make the chrome more realistic.

Is this for your Stargate?

Nah, just an on-the-side animation project.:slight_smile:

Ah… I havn’t done much to my Stargate because I’ve been working on my basic modelling skills for when I went to my summer school class… You could have the rotating orb come out of the gate so you don’t have any lost time.

I also went crazy with armatures since I figured them out with my stargate. I made a basic game where you make a simple character model wiggle his arms and legs and you can make him nod his head. Ahh… Free time… I also figured out dynamic lighting, but that’s on the side.

A quick animation test, I need to zoom out a little more before each ring starts rotating. .AVI 6.87 Mb

May I suggest motion blur? with the new composite nodes, motion blur is very inexpensive to implement. without it, you video lacks realism, the viewer might not even know what the heck is going on…

I don’t know what you are trying to accomplish, but try to play with the lighting a bit, too… You never know.

The feel I’m going for is sort of an abstract mechanical/kinetic sculpture. Call it modern art. Okay, I’m doing some editing and I want to move an entire IPO curve a certain number of frames forward. If I grab it, Blender does not allow me to isolate movement to the X “frame” axis, and I can’t type in the exact number of frames I want to move forward. If I just move each IPO by hand, I can’t get all my formerly in-sync curves to start at the exact same frame. Any suggestions?

[Edit] I do NOT want to have to re-do the IPO’s for all ten rings from scratch just to get them to line up. mpan3, I’ll try the motion blur next rendering, though I don’t have nodes yet. (Waiting for official 2.42 release.)

I can’t play the animation… What format is it?

I don’t like the vector motion blur. It has too many artifacts and only looks good with tiny debris.

I think that if you hold down shift it will move only in one direction… Let me try real quick…

Edit: Nope, hold down control after you grab it. That works.

I ended up just adjusting the ‘X max’ and ‘X min’ values for each curve (in that order). The video is .AVI jpeg, my next render should be less confusing as to what’s happening.

[Edit] Anybody else have some crits?

I liked your test animation. The chrome looked fine, at least in that application. One thing that might help with the animation would be to try keeping the rotation much slower until you are at the wide angle, then speed things up. Just IMO. Sorry, but I can’t help on the IPO problem. Actually I can’t even remember what IPO stands for at the moment…

What do you mean the chrome looked good at least in that application? Something wrong?:confused: I believe there is an entire thread on here somewhere debating what IPO actually stands for, so you’re not the only one who doesn’t know.:slight_smile: As far as your sig, I’ll always consider you a monkey.:rolleyes: (Once you reach 500 posts, that is.)

I’ll post a project update in a bit, I’m trying to upload my new video.

Okay, if you guys like this version I’ll make a nice 760 x 760 render and call it done. (Like I said, quickie project.) .AVI 9.93 Mb It’s 42 seconds long and took about 10 hours to render.

With the innermost ring being #1, and the outermost ring being #10, see if you can pick out the rotation sequence.:slight_smile:

[Edit] Me being the geek I am, I noticed part of my camera position IPO mapped out half the solution to a quadratic equation. (A.K.A. half a parabola.):rolleyes:


Figured out that with best sharing I have to completely load the file onto my computer instead of just playing it off the Internet… Now I see it. That’s really cool! Could you make all the shells rotate, instead of just two shells per layer?

Edit 1: At the bottom of the semi-parabola, it curves away and goes straight. The curve shouldn’t be there :p.

Edit 2: Also, you could have done that with only three key-frames. You didn’t need twelve.

It’s easier to see in the second one, but all ten rings actually are rotating. As for the large number of keyframes, I need that exponential curve shape and Blender won’t interpolate that way. Did you watch the first or second one?

[Edit] Anybody have crits on the second video? That’s the better one.

[Edit 2] Here’s the .blend. (Go to wire frame mode and hit alt+A.)

PS. Parent a cube to the center UV sphere and place it just outside the largest ring. Hit alt+A. You can now track the sum total of all those different movements!

So, should I go ahead and render the full size version? Anything I should change?

how do u keep the file size on ur video so small…i made a 26 second animation of my mountain bike…just panning around it and stuff showing different angles…i rendered it at 75 percent size and for the 26 seconds it was a 180 MB avi file ?..any way to compress that size? i notice urs its onle 10 megs and it is 42 seconds long

That’s because the video is only 190 x 190 pixels. I imagine the full size video will be much bigger.