RR Velar

Hi there. Here are my latest renders of this insane car. Clear model I took from my friend, and did few shots in Cycles. I hope you like it, C&C are very welcome. If you have any Q please just ask.

Link to model is in my portfolio below. :slight_smile:



Next shots:



Looks sweet!

Quit posting photos here and claiming it’s a 3d model.

– Kidding of course. Very nice work, so realistic.

These are very good renders but are not good choices in terms of framing, it would be better to think as if you were shooting for a marketing promo. I would call these random, it’s not clear what the subject of each shot is or why it is taken, apart from, look at how real it is. Shot number 3 is the closest to being a usable shot. Just my honest feedback.

man you really have a future, you and your friend
can i know what did you tweaked on the settings ,to have this results?
did you use a light source ? or is it just the HDR
and if you don,t mind posting the car material node

Just a simple HiRes HDR with fix gamma settings.


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Two more :slight_smile:


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Oh my God, that’s even better and beautiful than the real one. Great work

Those last renders is what I was talking about, I think the others are more like test renders. Your portfolio is wonderful.

Thanks guys for yours kind words :slight_smile:


wonderful render!

Really sweet render bro! PS you said something about link to the model in bio… i dont see a link in that behance page, just the same shots???

Wonderful work ! You show us again that the lighting is the most important factor.

Would love to hear a bit more about how was this modelled :slight_smile:

It is a beautiful model. Very cleanly executed and laid out.

Just pure awesomeness :smiley:
Shows once again the power of our cycles :slight_smile:

Was this car model build in Blender or Alias/Rhino/NX?

AHh thanks, so its a 3dmax model… Not ure why you state “link to model in my portfolio” though?

Exactly what it states :slight_smile: You can purchase the model at the link in his portfolio. He has blend files works in progress by request and the downloads have blends.
@ Claas- the model is definitely all poly models. It is not laid out how we would do it in nurbs. He uses another program to layout curves from images and imports those into the modeler- you can see the curves in his screengrabs on cgtrader.
Edit: Actually- just checked - the cgtrader site does not list the blend files but I had requested the blend files and the author was super fast to respond.

Its too bad that blender curves are such hot garbage to work with…