:spin:im only new to this programme and i just finished my first blend
oh, if u have any advise for me please tell me


Id say you scene lacks details and textures, well different ones anyway, unless it was supposed to be that way, but right now it just looks like a teal color with some sort of noise procedural thing on it.

i just updated my blend - cyber hope you like it:D


And you updated what exactly I dont see anything

i forgot to attach but now its fixed:D

here is a lil’ guy i made up for a game im making :Di hope you like it


Sorry. I don’t see anyhting. Did you forget to post the image??

Ciao for now!


thisc is an other creation of mine , it toke me 1hr:D


heres an other picture of wisyp it toke me 1hr to make:D


could you possibly post these into one thread?

Putting up multiple threads in the span of just a few minutes lik this pushes other people’s work off the first page. Kinda normal forum procedure :stuck_out_tongue:


it looks to me like eight UVspheres that you scaled one of them along an axis, and two of them you cut in half. then you added the marble bumpmap, downloaded the eye texture from the pixar tutorial and applied it to two of the spheres. then you scaled and arranged the spheres and put them in a box and hit render.

have you met cyborg dragon? just kidding.

your obivouisly new to this, to make it look more, uh, bloby, i would put on the “nor” setting and lower the spectacular setting down to a very low setting. i would add the stucci texture, then scale it down and again put in on “nor” too. thats just some good ol quick tips.

its good to see you can even make somthing, when i started out i couldnt use blender for 6 months because i couldnt figure the damn thing out. (i never really wanted to try, blender scared me)

dude how are these things taking you a whole hour?

oh sorry im not used to forums

im only 13

Lets just say the work posted here, is usually the result of many many hours of work, to me this looks like it belongs in Blender Tests.

i’ve be on blender for 1 week max

So did you achieve what you wanted to? Was there anything you had trouble with? Tell us more so we can offer some useful suggestions.

:Dto goosey , why does it say that you made bloby

here is a pic of my fish tell me if you like it and please look at my other posts:D


it’ll be good if you post a bigger pic.
i think it’s a good one for a low poly fish. :smiley: