Hi guys! This is a new work I did during these weeks.


3D View:


Amazing. Your character works are always excellent and this is no exception.

The skin looks great. Not much to say - just incredible.


Nice work, really incredible

Awesome !!! love the texture work

Very thanks guys!

Incredible! Any information on your process in creating this image would be very interesting to us newbies. The sculpting is very detailed - I don’t think my CPU could handle that many verts??? How did you get the skin so real? Ah! So many questions… Brilliant work.

Really nice work Ricardo! I love the high frequency detail, skin shader, pose, modeling…all around beautiful piece.

very nice work here!

Amazing work,
Congratulations Ricardo !

Marcjgriffi, Thanks! I initially modeled poly by poly to a reasonable number of details, then started doing the finer details in the sculpt, skin pores, scars etc… I used 4 levels of “multiresolution” to do the fine details, my computer would not allow me to use more than that, it was already hard =]

TheLuthier, very thanks man! I’m glad you liked it =]

Ng-material, thanks man!

Michalis, thanks my friend!

5 stars from me If I don’t get beat up by him first.

Wow, just amazing.

Street Fighter has become Street Thug. Shadowlaw must be going for a PR change. Well Done.

Sagat on steroids!
A little too much SSS for my taste, but a great job for the gallery. Bravo!

edit: great use of facial hair!

Thanks guys!

Hi Ricardo

I like it ,do you create that for animate or no?
It’s exciting model

Congratulation my friend

welldone! maybe your best work :smiley:

Thanks JSaffari! Yes, I want to make a facial animation with him soon. =]

MmAaXx, thanks man! =]

I saw this on my phone while on vacation and wanted to reply when I got back home. Fantastic work all around! It is great to see the screenshots as well, wonderful details in the model!
Do you remember approximately the length of the camera lens used in the final image? He has a very strong face, I like the proportions.