San Pedro Project Luxcore 2.1

Hi guys just want to share with you my last commercial with blender 2.79 and Luxcore 2.1 . the 3 daylight Bedroom and living room was clean under 20 – 30 mn with A GTX 1080ti or (R9 390 + 7970) The night bedroom render took 3 hours with bidirectional engine on i7 8700k . No HDRi for all render just sunsky setup.

Visit Luxcore for more info :


Gallery material if you ask me, but I’m biased.

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Excellent stuff here!
My vote for gallery too.

thanks you mate ! but if want my opinion : i will be very happy to see a work from a talented Artists like you on the new engine. I’ve seen your commercial work recently with lot of furniture and this dark green shiny wall.

Thanx mate!
It’s in my plans to give the new Lux engine a thorough test but at the moment there’s not much free time.
Keep up the great work!!!

this is a very nice work i cant tell wither your lying to us or no XD
nice work

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Hey… lookit that. You’re #featured! :slight_smile:

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Apart from overly specular - but beautifully draped - dark sheets (does it use an add shader?), this looks perfect! :astonished:

really quality job !
If I had to give any focused critque
I guess there’s a little bit too much glossiness on some surfaces.
And overexposed pathces on the carpet.

Anyway awesome ! (really had to focus to even get from impressed to critical :wink: )

Jarek D (DJ)

Thanks you guys ! Here are some screenshot of the project :

Also here you have simple setting for this kind of work :

Tone mapp linear 1 / auto disable

Sky + sun (make sure they are not linked for easy tune) instead of HDRi (Most of the time HDRi requiert more computational power)

Use shader Albedo below 0.8

with sun power >>> 0.0001 / sky 0.0002 you can use a clamp value of 10.

(pathocl) Sobol + Log power : diffuse ray 6/ glossy ray 6/ specular ray 12 / max ray 12

Denoiser settings :

Try theses one :

HDT >>>> 0.7

SW >>>>> 8

Scales >>> 4

PR >>>>>> 1

Switch to Path Ocl and adaptive sampling to 0.95

Switch to Filmic


Beautiful and awsome… :+1:

How does working with Lux compare with Cycles?

Thanks you !

It depend of what kind of comparisons you aimed for :

for example.

  • cycles is pure inudirectional path tracer

  • Luxcore support both path tracing and Bidirectional path

  • Cycles support Cuda and opencl

  • luxcore support only opencl and work seamlessly accross all gpu vendor (also possibility to render with CPU + GPU

  • cycles support portals via manually add by user

  • Luxcore do portals automatically

  • Cycles support PBR shader

  • luxcorerender don’t support it currently (it is planned)

  • Cycles have some high flexible shader node you will not find in Luxcore

  • Luxcore have light cache for direct light sampling ( indirect light cache method is planned)

For more infos about ability visit the website gallery and luxcore forums here :

Thanks. Working artistically, which do you prefer? Are there types of work each is more suited to?

“”“Working artistically “”” some image of what you mean ?

With “PBR”, you probably mean the “disney” shader or “principled” shader, which LuxCore does not support yet.
In general, PBR just means “physically based”, which of course all shaders in LuxCore are.
You can also use so-called PBR textures e.g. from substance, but the shader setup is currently a bit more complicated than just plugging them into a principled bsdf node.

Note that the direct light cache is still very new and in alpha stage, not finished yet.

Nice - I want to live there…

I mean do you have a preferred renderer for different types of work? For example, Cycles might be better for interiors while Lux might be better for animations.

Almost certainly the other way around. Cycles is intended to primarily be a performant animation renderer. Some of the decisions that have been made regarding quality vs speed back that up.
Luxrender used to be more true to reality but considerably slower, with core it is becoming slightly less realistic (dropping spectral sampling etc) but considerably faster.

On the spectrum, Cycles is close to the animation/fast and innacurate end, while Luxcore is more neutral.