Scandinavian mood with Yafaray

Hi everyone ! :slight_smile:
Yafaray was the first renderer I used with Blender to work on my projects. Since, other engines like Cycles and Corona arrived and I use them now, but I never forget Yafa and sometimes I work/play with, thanks to my Ryzen 1800x that allow to compensate the less-fast rendering time ( compared to Cycles and Coro :wink: ).
I decided to practice a bit and to recreate a picture that I found on a FB page a long time ago and refound in my hard drives. The goal is not to get the really same result but a close mood.
Yafaray provides a lot of render passes that I used to enhance the result, much more than Cycles for example.
I’ve modeled everything exept the chairs, armchair, stool, coffee maker and the vase ( from Chocofur). The plant on pot was created using the amazing Modular tree addon ( from @Maxime).

Photon mapping method for rendering and several nodes for post-compositing. Only one area lamp for lighting, and a tonemap node to correct the raw rendering and the passes were used in Photoshop. 2 AA passes for 38mn at 2400px x 1860px.
Yafaray v3.3.0 with Blender 2.78 ( Yafa on BL 2.79 don’t have all the render passes), AMD Ryzen 7 1800x, 32 Go RAM, Win10x64

Final render:

Render passes:

Tonemap Node ( no Filmic):

Reference image:


beautiful work !!!

the left side is toooooo bright

@alf0 Thanks !

Yes left side is overexposed but that was the goal to play with the light and to get a different mood that I always work ( good balance is sometimes boring).

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Someone find the original render on FB, it was rendered with Octane render by Daniel Reuterswärd on Behance, thanks to Darko Ivančević for his search result.