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(richmeister4eva) #1181

I just ordered your product and I was wondering how long I will have to wait until I receive the download link.

(Arnaud Couturier) #1182

The download email is sent automatically, but is sometimes blocked by spam filters. I just forwarded it to you.

(Arnaud Couturier) #1183

@EmperorHamHam: thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: It is officially for Blender 2.77, but almost everything works fine in 2.78. Next version of SceneCity coming shortly will be for 2.78

(Guitar) #1184

It’s a ton of fun to play with it. A very quick way to build a city, a forest or an entire environment. Really good work and well worth the cost for me.
I’m loving it.

(Arnaud Couturier) #1185

Thank you Guitar :slight_smile: I’m glad it’s useful to you.
More fun stuff is coming!

(Meta-Androcto) #1186

hi I purchased 070 version, just wondering on updates

(tungerz) #1187

I’m curious about this as well. have I missed updates?

(seanser) #1188

New version is out but there is an upgrade charge.

(Kasper69) #1189

Hi piiichan

I have been playing around with a demo version of SceneCity 0.9 It is very interesting tool. But I am facing a trouble with it. I do not if it is a bug or something: I am not able to build road network at all. please see the screenshot:

(Arnaud Couturier) #1190

Meta, tungerz,

seanser is right, you can log in your account here:

Then download the latest version, which is either 0.9 if you bought any 0.x version, or 1.1 if you bought 1.0 or 1.1.
From your account page, you can upgrade the license from 0.x to 1.x with a big discount. Then all 1.x versions will be available to you for free.

I don’t post news here anymore, I just update the first post, and reply to support questions on this thread. The best way to be kept informed of new releases is

I answered your question by replying to your email, it’s simply a view clipping problem.
And for those who notice the word “demo”, I don’t provide any demo yet, that’s still to be done. (I know I know :slight_smile:

(Arnaud Couturier) #1191

I’m on Patreon now, for those of you who wish to support me monthly, even with small amounts.

(sh1kuoro) #1192

I bought scenecity pro.

I am Japanese comic artist. and use this for comic as background image.

this add-on is very nice. (^^

and I have some questions.
I prepare street objects of Japan ( traffic light, telephone booth, mirror… ).
it is succeeded to replace traffic light, but I wonder how to replace telephone booth or traffic signs that objects placed on roads randomly.
how do I attend decorative road objects to scenecity ?

and I have seen AI create various Japanese room layout image by data set in AI study meeting.
in future, by feeding data set of specific city scene city will learn to generate the roads?

I think scene city is good match to machine learning.

(Arnaud Couturier) #1193

Hello sh1kuoro,

to replace the traffic signs, telephone booths or any other object in the streets, you can edit the objects themselves,

you can delete the instances from the road models or the building models, or you can add new objects to the road models, and then all the road instances in the city will have the changes applied.

Oh I see what you mean… yes this is a kind of artificial intelligence that can redo a road network based on some example input model. I have one research paper where they show how they did it, and indeed that would be a very nice addition!
But before that, SceneCity must support curved roads.
I add your idea to the list of features for future releases, thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

(SHABA1) #1194

Okay After about Five years (at least) of following this thread, I finally broke down and BOUGHT Scene City. I just got tired of waiting for the free version of the newest uploads by piichan. And since I had some extra money I treated myself. I have not even run it yet. Just installed it in blender 2.78 and made sure it showed up in the addon panel. I am waiting for a day off from work so I can really play with it. I will let you know my impressions. My main interest is using it to create cities that can be exported to other programs and sites like OpenSimulator,Second Life and Unity3d. Any help in that direction would be appreciated.

Take care.

(Arnaud Couturier) #1195

I know you’ve been waiting for the free version. SceneCity being a Python-based addon makes it difficult to provide a free version without giving away the whole thing. I’m still figuring out how I can provide a free version… perhaps when SceneCity is bigger, I can make a subset of its functionalities and its included assets totally free.

In the current version, some people had success with exports, while others had difficulties. I guess it’s because exporting cities depends on your experience with exporting from Blender in general, it’s not easier nor more difficult than exporting any other kind of scene.

However, the very next version will include export facilities for Unity. It’s in progress, so please let me know your impressions and feedback so I can improve the export workflow.

(xan2622) #1196

Salut piiichan.

  1. Could SceneCity feature an option similar to RichDirt or RichScene (plugins for 3DSMAX that add dirt on facades, increasing the realism of the buildings) ?

  2. And it would be cool if there was another option to make buildings not brand new, making them old or a little bit destroyed. Ideally, your addon would feature an option to set the level of degradation (cracks, more faded paint on walls, dirt, holes in walls…).

(xan2622) #1197

This is a brilliant idea! It would be awesome if could feature a repository (a gallery with screenshots) of user-submitted buildings and urban props (trees, bushes, signs, rooftop elements, public benches, street trashcans, cars ? …).

Open Street Map support is something that I would also like to see in SceneCity! I hope you’ll add this feature soon.

(Arnaud Couturier) #1198

Bonjour Xanax :slight_smile:

that would be a cool feature to have, to make the buildings as clean or dirty as the user needs, but I think it’s a bit out of scope for a city generator. Or it is a late feature for a very large product with tons of features. It is the role of a texturing software/plugin, in my opinion. However I am already including more realistic assets into the coming version of SceneCity, with more dirt on them :slight_smile: but the level of dirt will not be dynamic, unless… :wink:

User-generated content is a good idea. The work to make it happen, especially the web part (with upload and security stuff… my head hurts already), will be substantial though. So it’s not a high priority at the moment.

OSM is much more interesting. This is already in the todo list, and I will start including OSM features as soon as SceneCity can manage non-grid-based cities.

(xan2622) #1199

Check what this guy did with a rig: It’s really impressive (from new building to damaged building) !

(Bernardo) #1200

Hi Piichan!

Got your city generator some time ago. I am starting to play with it more seriously now. I was wondering a couple of things.

-At the moment I have the feeling the city can be generated only on a flat surface. Is this correct? Do you have plans to add the ability to generate it on non perfectly flat surfaces in the future?

  • I read that you are looking into the ability of using open street map for road pattern generation. Is there also some more customizable road network solution for the future?

Thank you!